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11 Ways The Government Is Spying On You

You don’t have to read too far into the dystopian works of George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World before drawing up some similarities between fiction and real-world governments.


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Downtown San Jose Parking Meters Could Double In Price

The price of parking at metered spaces could soon be doubling in downtown San Jose with the proceeds going towards payment of new high-tech smart meters.


A "smart" utility meter used by Silicon Valley Power for the outdoor Wi-Fi network. (City of Santa Clara)

Santa Clara 1st U.S. City To Use Utility Meters For Free Wi-Fi Network

The city of Santa Clara is flipping on a big Internet switch this week, becoming what it says is the first in the country to use wireless, digital “smart meters” on homes as channels for free citywide outdoor Wi-Fi.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

CPUC Approves PG&E SmartMeter Opt Out Charge

California regulators said Pacific Gas & Electric Co. can start charging its customers fees to avoid having wireless utility meters installed in their homes.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

California Regulators Map Out Smart Meter Opt-Out Options

A possible opt-out plan for state utilities is still months away from coming to fruition.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

PG&E’s Smart Meter Opt-Out Plan Carries Big Price Tag

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. is proposing to allow residents to switch off the wireless signals on their utility meters for a fee, but opponents of the devices aren’t satisfied.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

CPUC Says PG&E Should Allow SmartMeter Opt-Out

California regulators will ask Pacific Gas & Electric Co. to set up a process so its customers can opt out of smart meters if they have concerns about the devices’ potential health effects.


A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

Marin Women Vow To Continue To Fight SmartMeters

Two Marin County mothers who were arrested for trying to prevent PG&E crews from installing SmartMeters, have received a warning from the district attorney’s office, but the women say they are not willing to drop the issue.


Police arrest 2 women at a PG&E SmartMeter protest in Marin County.

2 Arrests At PG&E SmartMeter Protest In Marin County

Two women were arrested in Inverness Park in unincorporated Marin County Wednesday in a protest against PG&E’s installation of SmartMeters.

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A PG&E SmartMeter. (CBS)

Marin Lawmaker Proposes Opt Out Bill On Smart Meters

A Marin Assemblyman has introduced a bill that would allow customers to opt out of Pacific Gas and Electric’s Smart Meter program.