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An Apple iPhone 5. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Security Experts In San Francisco To Test Phone Anti-Theft Locks

The top prosecutors in San Francisco and New York say they are bringing in state and federal security experts to test the newest anti-theft features designed to thwart the surge of stolen smartphones nationwide.


Surveillance video on a San Francisco Muni bus. (CBS)

SF’s Gascon Urges Smartphone Makers To Curb Thefts, Add ‘Kill Switch’

Law enforcement officials nationwide, including San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, are demanding the creation of a “kill switch” that would render smartphones inoperable after they are stolen.


Surveillance video on a San Francisco Muni bus. (CBS)

Gascon, NY Officials Urging Smartphone Makers To Shut Down Stolen Devices

Top law enforcement officials from San Francisco and New York plan to meet with some of the nation’s largest smartphone makers to help thwart the rise in cellphone thefts and robberies.


Apple Introduces iPhone 5

ConsumerWatch: Redwood City Company Offering Mobile iPhone Repairmen

Over the next year, 27 million Americans will accidentally damage their smartphone. Do the math and that means about 2 million people per-month, or 80,000 per-day will have an accident with the phone, according to warranty provider Square Trade.


A view of Facebook's 'Like' button. (Brenden Smialowski/AFP/GettyImages)

Tech Report: Will Android Make A Facebook Phone? Do We Need It?

The invites have gone out for a Facebook event next week in which it plans to unveil what it’s called the new home on Android. Speculation obviously leans toward a new phone.


A taxi cab crosses Market St. in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

San Francisco MTA Board Approves Taxi Smartphone App

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors voted Tuesday to build a mobile phone application to connect passengers to taxis throughout the city.


iPhone 4 - 2010

Sacramento Couple Made $4M Selling Stolen Phones, Officials Say

A California couple were arraigned Tuesday on charges they collected hundreds of stolen smartphones from across the nation, then sold them in Hong Kong for as much as $2,000 each.


Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Tech Watch: Previewing Samsung S4 Unveiling

In the smartphone world, there are basically two phones that are household names; The iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III. On March 14th, Samsung is expected to unveil the new Galaxy phone, the S4.


Visitors try out smartphones. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Tech Report: Samsung Next Smartphone’s Will Have ‘Eye-Scrolling’ Technology

Our tech analyst explains the new ‘eye-scrolling’ technology Samsung’s latest smartphones will be equipped when they are expected to be released later this month.


Firefox logo

Mountain View’s Mozilla Foundation Developing Firefox Phone OS

Mozilla, the non-profit foundation behind the popular Firefox Web browser, is launching a new phone operating system.