New Unicorn Spotted In Silicon Valley? A Silicon Valley startup quickly rises up the ladder as investors pump in new money
Venture Capital Firm Behind Snapchat Is Ready For Your 'Elevator Pitch,' In an Actual ElevatorIf you can get into the elevator at venture capital firm General Catalyst--the firm behind AirBNB and Snapchat--you may have a shot at making your pitch for funding. They already have a table waiting. In the elevator.
Tech Bubble Bust, 'Dead Unicorns' Predicted By Silicon Valley Venture CapitalistA Silicon Valley venture capitalist is predicting some stormy weather and “dead unicorns” in the tech industry.
Snapsaved App Takes Responsibility For Snapchat Hack Of Thousands Of Private PhotosAn app designed to save the photos taken with the Snapchat social media app is taking responsibility for the hack that led to thousands of private photos to be leasked to a website.
Hackers Release 13 Gigabytes Of 'Deleted' Snapchat PhotosMany Snapchat users are nervously waiting for the other shoe to drop as hackers released hundreds of thousands of photos on Sunday that they thought were deleted, some of which are of nude minors.
200,000 Snapchat Photos Stolen, To Be Leaked Onto Same Website From Nude Celeb Hack '4chan'Hackers have intercepted around 200,000 private photos sent using the photo messaging app Snapchat on Thursday.
New Research Suggests The Youth Demographic Still Likes Facebook Remember all those headlines suggesting the younger crowd was abandoning Facebook? New research says that may not be the case after all.
Larry Magid: Facebook Tries To Slingshot Snapchat Again Facebook is gearing up to take on Snapchat once again by launching its own disappearing messaging app, Slingshot.
Larry Magid: Snapchat Updates Disappearing Photo ActSnapchat has released a new update, which virtually disables one of the features that made the app popular— the quickly disappearing picture.
Snapchat Adds Actual Chat Functions To Its Ephemeral Messaging ServiceSnapchat is adding a chat feature to its ephemeral messaging service.
Larry Magid: Facebook’s New iPhone App: PaperFacebook is introducing a new app for the iPhone called Paper, which is expected to be very mobile and picture friendly in hopes of keeping users enamored with their site.
Facebook Facing Privacy Suit Claiming Private Messages Mined For ProfitSocial media is under fire. Just days after Snapchat users' data was released, Facebook is under fire for allegedly misusing private messages.

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