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Best Rock Climbing Gyms In The Bay Area

Skip the gym, include the family and get a great workout rock climbing right here in San Francisco. The sport of rock climbing isn’t just for the professionals anymore.


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Best Places To Go Horseback Riding In the Bay Area

In this modern, mechanized age, it’s easy to forget the living, breathing beasts of burden Americans used to love so much. Horseback riding allows the every day city dweller to live dormant cowboy dreams and connect with nature directly. Return to the days of cowboy yore at some of the best horseback riding places in the Bay area.


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Best Kid’s Secondhand Shopping In The South Bay

Who doesn’t love a bargain? Coupons, markdowns, the thrill of the hunt; it kills me to pay full price for anything, especially anything for kids. Here is the best children’s re-sale shopping found in the South Bay.

CBS San Francisco–09/07/2011


South Bay’s Best Independent Bookstores for Kids

The independent bookstore has practically gone the way of mix tapes and dial-up in the United States, many having been gobbled up by chains and Internet booksellers. However, in the Bay Area the spirit of independent bookstores lives on. If you’re a book-lover and coming to the South Bay, check out these favorites

CBS San Francisco–07/26/2011


Best Family Photographers in the South Bay

The Bay Area has no shortage when it comes to talented photographers, especially those who specialize in capturing babies, children, and families. Here are the top picks for family photographers in the South Bay.

CBS San Francisco–01/31/2011


Best Children’s Hair Cuts In The South Bay

You put it off as long as you can, but finally one morning you just can’t ignore the fact that it’s time to tame those unruly locks. There are many places in the Bay Area where you can get your child’s hair trimmed or even chopped. These are our favorite kid-cutters.

CBS San Francisco–01/03/2011


South Bay Family Freebies

Finding things to do around the Bay Area is easy – there’s fun everywhere! But finding freebies for the whole family can be challenging. Here is our list of the best free kid fun in Santa Clara County.

CBS San Francisco–11/05/2010