Space exploration

Curiosity Wheels

Mars Rover Curiosity Ordered To Drive In Reverse To Spare Damaged Wheels

Transcript of a discussion with Mars rover scientist who reveals that Curiosity’s latest mission has been slowed by suprisingly rough terrain.



PayPal Galactic Launches In Anticipation Of Civilian Space Travel

The commercialization of space may not be moving at light speed, but it’s probably going faster than you think.


NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View (NASA)

NASA Head Envisions Bright Future For Ames Research Center In Mountain View

The Ames Research Center will play an important role in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s future, despite sequestration cuts that have impacted some day to day operations recently, said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.


Allen Telescope Array, ATA, UC Berkeley, SETI Institute

Mountain View’s SETI Institute Suspends Search For Alien Life

The SETI Institute in Mountain View has suffered a major financial setback and as a result, is shutting down its deep space listening program.


Safe Space Exploration

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KCBS) _ With tourism and other businesses moving closer to the stars, federal officials are looking to create new rules for safe space exploration.



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