State Legislature

Students work in a computer lab. (Orlando Sierra/AFP/Getty Images)

Bill To Protect K-12 Students’ Online Records Passes State Legislature

California’s state legislature passed a bill whose goal is to protect K-12 students from marketers and identity thieves, which is now headed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.


Inmates at Chino State Prison

Gov. Brown Dismisses Bid To Delay Fed Order To Reduce Prison Population

California Gov. Jerry Brown is dismissing a proposal by Democratic allies in the state Senate, who want to seek a settlement of a federal lawsuit that could force the state to free thousands of prison inmates later this year.


City College of San Francisco. (CBS)

Political Heavyweights Push Effort To Regain Accreditation At City College Of San Francisco

Four members of the state legislature are pushing forward with efforts to help the school regain accreditation.


The floor of the California Assembly during a recent session. (Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

California Bill To Raise Minimum Wage Passes In Assembly; Goes Before Senate

Minimum-wage workers in California would see their first raises in six years under a bill that has passed the state Assembly.


Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Brown Scores Partial Win In California Pension Reform Battle

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday announced systemic reforms to California’s badly underfunded public pension system that he says will save taxpayers billions of dollars over time.


California High-Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail Leaders Voice Guarded Optimism At SF Conference

The California project is seen as one that will lay the groundwork for future high-speed rail projects across the country.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California Voters Still Approve Of Governor Brown, But Not Legislature

The latest Field Poll showed that 66 percent of those surveyed disapprove of the job of legislators in California.


Students walk to class at UC Berkeley (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

UC President Seeking Another Tuition Hike

A former state regent and legislator is calling the UC President’s proposed 9.6 percent tuition hike a ‘parent tax’ on the middle class.


Corporate Taxes, U.S. Economy, Government, Budget

Californians Debate Taxing The Wealthy To Save Schools

Taxing the rich more to benefit others isn’t a new idea, but it has emerged in recent weeks as a potential solution as California tries to salvage its public education system from deep budget cuts.

CBS San Francisco–05/14/2011


Bills Aim To Keep California State Parks Open Despite Budget Woes

Two bills being considered by state lawmakers would open the door for local governments or private contractors to keep state parks open.

CBS San Francisco–04/24/2011