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This photo taken June 8th, 2004 shows the transit of Venus across the sun's disc through special spectacles, seen in the park of La Villette in Paris.  (Jean Ayissi/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Transit Of Venus’ Visible Above California Tuesday

The so-called “transit of Venus” — when the planet Venus passes between the Earth and our sun — is expected to begin shortly after 3 p.m. when the planet will appear as a small black dot slowly moving across the sun.



Eclipse Blamed In Wreck Injuring South SF Woman, Daughter

A driver who was blinded by the sun struck a woman and her 10-year-old daughter as they crossed a street in South San Francisco on Sunday evening, police said.


The rare 10 May annular eclipse appears over Cleveland, Ohio showing the annulus, a thin 'ring of fire,' produced because the sun is never completely covered.  (Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

Rare ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse Expected In California Sunday

Bay Area sky watchers are in for a rare treat this weekend. After almost two decades, a “ring of fire” eclipse will be visible in the continental United States.


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HealthWatch: FDA Tries To Demystify Sunscreen Labels

Starting next summer, you can start looking for SPF 15 bottles and tubes with the label “broad spectrum” and feel confident they’re lowering your risk of skin cancer.

KPIX 5–06/14/2011

Ocean Beach in San Francisco. (CBS)

ConsumerWatch: Study Finds Sunscreens Lacking Protection

A major study by a consumer group of sunscreens finds that many of them do not provide protection against cancer-causing ultraviolet rays.

KPIX 5–05/25/2011

The sun shines bright in the blue skies over the Bay Area. (CBS)

KCBS Sports Fans: Why Clouds Are Cool For Baseball

Old Sol wouldn’t be smiling if he was a major-league hitter. New research indicates that when the sun comes out, batting averages go down.