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San Jose Tech Industry Helps Create New Jobs In Other Industries

While demand for tech jobs in San Jose remain high, Silicon Valley has helped spur the economy by creating new jobs and businesses in other industries.


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San Francisco Career Management CEO Shares Advice On The Local Job Market

Teri Hockett, founder and CEO of What’s For Work, an East Bay career management business for women, took a few moments to share her thoughts on career management and the job market.


A guard tower is seen on the grounds of the California State Prison at San Quentin. ( Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Silicon Valley Project Gives San Quentin Inmates A Chance At Tech Jobs

A Silicon Valley project called, The Last Mile, sets up a group of volunteers with select inmates from San Quentin State Prison to prepare them to join the workforce in tech jobs once they are released.


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Tech Only Accounts For 8 Percent Of San Francisco Private Jobs

Despite all the headlines about the surge in technology jobs in San Francisco, on report suggests the tech sector still makes up only a tiny percentage of the city’s private jobs.


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Recruiting Firm CEO Offers Career Advice For Bay Area Job Seekers

One exceptionally successful San Francisco entrepreneur, offers valuable career advice for Bay Area job seekers.


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Bay Area Graphics Director Offers Career Advice For Digital Media Job Seekers

Creative director of, offers career advice for people interested in entering a career as a computer graphics artist.


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Recruiter Sees Continued Demand For Bay Area Tech Jobs

Alston Chiang of Jobspring San Francisco offers insightful advice for Bay Area job seekers.


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Bay Area Executive Offers Tips On Entering Highly Competitive Tech Industry

Technology executive, Scott Pine, offers career advice for people interested in entering the highly competitive tech industry.


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Career Coach Expects Continued Rise In SF Job Market

Although job growth in the San Francisco Bay Area has slowed, many experts forecast a rise in employment postings, particularly in the tech sector.


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Report Finds Bay Area Best Place To Work In The Country released a report that finds the Bay Area is the best place to work in the country based on employee satisfaction results.




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