Redwood City Police Handle Some Calls Via Video ChatIt's an "Only in Silicon Valley" story now, but probably not for long. The Redwood City police department is in the middle of a trial of live video chat to take service calls from residents.
Toys-R-Us Tabeo: Does The World Need Another Kid's Tablet?Toys-R-Us' new Tabeo seems like a long shot to me. In a world where kids already have an appetite for iPads, Android tablets and the Kindle Fire, I'm not sure where something "kid" fits beyond a certain and very young age.
TechWatch: Walmart Testings Scan As-You-Go Checkout ProgramWalmart is testing the next innovation in self-checkout. It's an iPhone app called Scan & Go. You scan and items as you put them in your cart while walking the aisle, then head to the self-checkout aisle where your list is already waiting to be paid for, meaning you are able to avoid both a checker and the scanning process at the bottleneck that is the checkout area.
TechWatch: Affordable Back-To-School TechYou know about the laptops, tablets and smartphones -- back to school tech that makes you blanch at the price. Here are 5 solid back-to-school tech buys that are under $100.
Tech Watch: Kids Increasingly Hide Online Activity From ParentsIt should come as no surprise, but your kids are hiding some of their online activity from you. What is a bit of a surprise is that they are doing it a lot more now than in the last MacAfee survey two years ago.
Tech Watch: Smaller iPhone Coming Soon?Android phones have recently overtaken Apple in the smartphone sales race but Apple is fighting back trying to do more with less.
Tech Watch: Security Issues With Apple ProductsCNET Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley talks about security issues with Apple products and a new "two step authentication" feature from Google.
Tech Watch: Verizon Takes Pre-Orders For iPhoneCNET Editor at Large Brian Cooley got a chance to test Verizon's version of the iPhone, comparing it to the AT&T version.

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