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'West Side Story' Star Rita Moreno Turns 80

‘West Side Story’ Star Rita Moreno Turns 80

Rita Moreno has a lot to celebrate. She’s won just about every notable award in the entertainment industry and last week, she celebrated her 80th birthday…


'Harry Potter' Stars Attempts At An American Accent

‘Harry Potter’ Stars Attempts At An American Accent

HOLLYWOOD (ET/CBS) – The British cast of the ‘Harry Potter’ film franchise has proven their acting skills on the big screen, but how do they fare when it comes to speaking in an American accent […]

CBS San Francisco–11/18/2010

Daniel Radcliffe Ready To Close Last Chapter Of 'Harry Potter'

Daniel Radcliffe Ready To Close Last Chapter Of ‘Harry Potter’

NEW YORK (CBS) – Everyone needs to believe in magic from time to time, but for Daniel Radcliffe, it’s time to put down the wand, get back to reality and bid farewell to his boy […]

CBS San Francisco–11/18/2010