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15-year-old Yahya Abdi survived a flight from Mineta San Jose International Airport to Maui, Hawaii in the wheel well of a jetliner on April 20, 2014. (The Daily Mail / Facebook)

Sen. Boxer Questions TSA About Stowaway’s Flight From San Jose Airport To Hawaii

A few weeks before a 15-year-old boy stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from California to Hawaii, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration conducted a review of San Jose’s airport and found its perimeter to be in compliance with the agency’s security requirements.


A traveler undergoes an enhanced pat down by a Transportation Security Administration agent at the Denver International Airport on November 22, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Gov’t-Issued Identification Not Needed To Pass Through TSA Security

Showing a government-issued identification at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint is a practice most travelers consider part of the flying experience. However, it is not mandated by federal law.


Security officers at San Francisco International Airport (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

TSA Unveils Faster Security Check At SFO

A new program being phased in at key airports across the country to speed up security lines was unveiled at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday.


San Francisco International Airport. (CBS)

SFO Baggage Screeners Claim Security Breaches Covered Up By Private Company

Is the private company responsible for baggage screening at San Francisco International Airport covering up security breaches and retaliating against workers?


Travelers wait in line to go through security at San Francisco International Airport. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

CLEAR Secure Traveler Program Returning To SFO

A company that offers faster access to airport security lines to customers announced plans to resume service at San Francisco International Airport.


Harold Waller

Police Say Guns Found On Man Arrested At Sacramento Airport

A Montana man is being held without bail after authorities say he tried to bring four guns past a security checkpoint at Sacramento International Airport.


Security officers at San Francisco International Airport (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Sacramento Airport Metal Detector Left Unattended; Terminal Shut Down Temporarily

Federal transportation officials have removed two officers from screening duties at Sacramento International Airport after a metal detector was left unattended and five people were suspected of going through unscreened.


Southwest Jets lined up at an airport terminal (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Feds Probe Mysterious Vandalism On Southwest Airlines Jets

Federal agencies were working with Southwest Airlines on Thursday to determine who has been vandalizing their aircraft with mysterious markings.


Image from body scanner at Manchester Airport, Manchester, England (AP)

TSA Unveils Software Upgrade For Body Scanners At SFO

The new software makes images generic and ends the need for agents to review the image.


Image from body scanner at Manchester Airport, Manchester, England (AP)

Oakland Airport Brings In Extra Inspectors For Thanksgiving Travel

Oakland Airport is the last of the Bay Area hubs to install full body scanners.





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