Treasury Department Says A Woman Will Be Featured On New $10 Bill

Last year in a Kansas City speech, President Obama said he received a letter from a young girl asking why there were no women on American currency.



U.S. Mint Experimenting With New Metals To Make Coins Cheaper

When it comes to making coins, the Mint isn’t getting its two cents worth. In some cases, it doesn’t even get half of that. A penny costs more than two cents and a nickel costs more than 11 cents to make and distribute. The quandary is how to make coins more cheaply without sparing our change’s quality and durability, or altering its size and appearance.



ConsumerWatch: Cashing Savings Bonds Not Always A Simple Process

You may have some money sitting aside from forgotten savings bonds. But some who want to cash in are finding it’s not always easy.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–05/04/2011

Effect of Jobs Program Disputed

The Treasury Department is touting new numbers that claim 5.6 million unemployed Americans got new jobs under the so-called “HIRE” act.