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No Tsunami Warning In California After 6.9 Magnitude Quake Hits Alaska

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake Sunday night in the central Aleutian Islands in Alaska was definitely not strong enough to send a tsunami to the Bay Area.



Strong Earthquake Strikes South Pacific Islands, Tsunami Warning Lifted

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the quake measured 6.9, down from a preliminary estimate of 7.5.


New Guinea Quake

Strong Earthquake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea, Tsunami Warning Issued

A powerful earthquake has struck off the South Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, but a tsunami warning was in effect.



7.6 Magnitude Quake Off Solomon Islands Triggers Tsunami Warning

A tsunami warning was issued Saturday after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck off the Solomon Islands in the Southern Hemisphere.


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Magnitude 7.7 Canadian Coastal Quake Triggers NorCal Tsunami Advisory

The National Weather Service issued a tsunami advisory for Northern California after a strong earthquake off the west coast of Canada.


John Madden (KCBS)

Daily Madden: The Tsunami Warning In Carmel

From high ground in Carmel, John joins other KCBS reporters stationed along the coast in describing the surf action following the tsunami warning.