Best Restaurants In San Francisco Open For Thanksgiving In 2012

So you don’t want to spend hours slaving over the stove cooking the big Thanksgiving meal. That doesn’t mean you should be relegated to lousy premade food or frozen meals. Here are some of the top San Francisco locations to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner this year.

CBS San Francisco–11/14/2012


Central Valley Turkey Producer Files For Bankruptcy

One of the largest turkey producers in the nation, Zacky Farms, has filed for bankruptcy, blaming the soaring price of feed.



Pick-A-Side: Which Thanksgiving Food Is Your Favorite?

Turkey, cornbread or stuffing? Choose your favorites from this array of classic Thanksgiving foods.


A Turkish man stands in front of a ruined building after an earthquake in Van, Turkey.  (Photo by Ahmad Halabisaz/Getty Images)

Bay Area Relates To Magnitude 5.7 Turkish Quake

As much as here in Northern California, earthquakes are a fact of geological life in Turkey, which experienced a magnitude 5.7 quake on Wednesday.


Turkeys in a farm.  (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Cargill Recalling Ground Turkey After Sacramento Salmonella Death

Meat giant Cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak that has killed one person in California and sickened at least 76 others.



Sacramento Death May Be Linked To Salmonella-Tainted Turkey

State health officials say a Northern California resident is the lone known death in a spate of salmonella poisonings across the country that appear to be linked to eating ground turkey meat.

CBS San Francisco–08/02/2011


Good Question: Are Turkeys Really Dumb As People Say They Are?

When you sit down for your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving, you may have wondered just how big the brain was on that bird. But are turkeys really as dumb as people say they are?

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–11/24/2010

uncooked turkey

Narsai David: Turkey Roasting Tips

Lots of turkeys will be on the dinner table Thursday. Here are some last minute tips for roasting your bird to perfection.



Good Question: What’s The Right Way To Carve A Turkey?

If you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, it is one of the most crucial skills to have. In this Good Question: What is the right way to carve a turkey?

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–11/23/2010


Good Question: Does Eating Turkey Really Make You Sleepy?

Plenty of people say the turkey is the reason why they want to doze off after Thanksgiving dinner. In this Good Question: Does eating turkey really make you sleepy?

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–11/22/2010




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