300-Percent Tax Proposed For Water-Guzzling California Residents To Curb Usage During DroughtA California lawmaker is proposing to let local communities tax the worst water-guzzling residents and businesses as much as 300 percent in the state’s historic drought.
Californians Getting Mixed Messages During DroughtCalifornia is adopting unprecedented restrictions on water use, but residents are getting mixed messages from state and local officials.
California Urban Water Use Increases Month-Over-Month, Despite Dwindling Snowpack, Lingering DroughtChair of the State Water Resources Control Board Felicia Marcus said residents are falling far short of the twenty percent year over year conservation goal set by Governor Jerry Brown.
SoCal Homeowners Spray-Painting Lawns Green To Avoid Water Fees During DroughtHomeowners in Los Angeles are facing tough choices in keeping their lawns green during a devastating drought, pushing some far enough to spray paint them.
EBMUD To Ask Customers To Cut Back Usage While Buying Water To Fill ReservoirsThe East Bay Municipal Utility District’s board of directors voted Tuesday to ask their customers to continue voluntarily cutting their water use by 10 percent because the dry winter has reduced the amount of water in the agency’s reservoirs.
Dublin, San Ramon Residents & Businesses Asked To Cut Water Usage Due To DroughtResidents and businesses in Dublin and parts of San Ramon are being asked to voluntarily cut their water use by 20 percent to get through the state’s current drought.
Facebook Use Intensifying Among Teens, Adults, Contrary To The Buzz About A DeclineFacebook just celebrated its 10th birthday, and despite some gloomy suggestions for the social network’s future, use is intensifying.
Larry Magid: New Website Shows Amount Apps Drain Data PlansKnowMyApp.org looks at typical scenarios for each app, and estimates how much data that will use up.
Facebook Use Linked To Increased Weight, Credit Card Debt New Study FindsSpending time on Facebook could leave users with an increased waistline, and decreased self-control, according to a new study.

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