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A sign welcoming Facebook is flashed on a screen outside the NASDAQ stock exchange at Times Square in New York, May 18, 2012. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/GettyImages)

Facebook’s U.S. Growth Slowing

Facebook’s growth appears to be slowing, particularly in the U.S., according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.



Facebook To Let Users Vote On Privacy Changes

This is the second time Facebook Inc. is letting users vote on policy changes. The first time was in 2009 when Facebook was a much smaller, privately held company with about 200 million users.


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Tech Report: Google+ Failing To Challenge Facebook So Far

KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid said that if the numbers are true, the company has plenty to worry about after putting so much effort into building the brand.



Analyst: Puffed Up User Numbers May Mean Facebook Is Overvalued

Facebook says it has 843 million monthly active users, but getting a read on how many people actually visit Facebook’s site every day is considerably more complicated. Ultimately, some experts have said that that could mean the company is over-valued.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Tech Watch: Facebook IPO Would Be Well Timed

CNET Editor-at-Large Brian Cooley said the company will have plenty of new challenges ahead once it goes public.


Yahoo Website

Yahoo Expands Sharing Of Stories Through Facebook

Yahoo will enable Facebook users to share more of their activities on Yahoo’s websites, including which stories they are reading.


Facebook Acknowledges Photo Privacy Bug; Issues Immediate Fix

Facebook Acknowledges Photo Privacy Bug; Issues Immediate Fix

Facebook has said that it fixed a bug that had allowed users to access other users’ photos, even if their profile pages were locked down…


Zynga Adding More Ways To Play Games As IPO Looms

Zynga is adding more ways for people to play its Web games as it grooms its business for an initial public offering of stock….


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Tech Report: Facebook Homepage Changes Causes Furor

Facebook has once again tweaked its homepage, causing quite a furor among its millions of users.


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Tech Report: Facebook Unveils New Privacy Settings

Facebook has announced a number of changes to the social networking website that has privacy advocates thrilled.