10 Most Unsafe Toys List Of 2015 Released By Consumer Advocacy GroupHoliday shoppers will spend millions of dollars on gifts for children. WATCH, a toy safety advocacy group, has compiled a list of unsafe toys selling at stores and online to avoid.
Even Hardcore Apple Fans Taking Their Time Getting Apple WatchFor all those who hailed the iPhone as the "Jesus Phone" in 2007, the Apple Watch's arrival has hardly been the second coming.
Watch: Movie Review Of 'San Andreas'Review the disaster film, "San Andreas," starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Apple's $10K Watch Too Pricey? Get One Gold PlatedJewelers are undercutting Apple’s pricey $10,000 gold model watch by gold-plating cheaper models.
Problems With Taptic Engine Slows Rollout Of Apple WatchTests revealed that some taptic engines supplied by AAC Technologies Holdings in China started to break down over time.
iPad Slipping, But Apple Still Rocks 1st Quarter Earnings On Growth In ChinaApple cruised passed earnings expectations thanks to hot iPhone demand.
Apple Watch Winds Up Bigger Initial Orders Than iPod, iPhoneApple's dedicated fanbase has come through once again for the company, with an estimated 1.2-million Apple Watches being ordered on their first day of availability Friday.
Initial Apple Watch Inventory Sells Out On First Day Of Online OrderingWithin half an hour, the company appeared to sell out the initial batch of watches that were available for the first official day of shipping on April 24.
Diamond-Encrusted 24K Gold Version Of Apple's Smart Watch Costs $75KIf the mere idea of a smart watch seems like a waste of money, get ready to be flabbergasted because a luxury watch maker is selling a $75,000 diamond-encrusted version of Apple’s newest gadget.
7 Apple Watch Prototypes That Didn't Make The Final CutWith Tim Cook's big Apple Watch unveiling just moments away, here's a look at some of the prototypes that didn't make the final cut, but deserve an A for effort (and certainly cleverness).
Apple Watch Event: Rumors, Previews & Where To StreamApple CEO Tim Cook got in some extra sleep before he's expected to unveil the company's newest device and make the case for why it's a must-have gadget.
Watch, Warning Or Advisory...What Do All Of These Weather Terms Mean?Today we have a Flood WATCH and a wind ADVISORY in effect. What is the difference?

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