The Saints Vs. The “Aints”

  • Quarterback
    Drew Brees: Six Pro Bowls, Super Bowl ring, Super Bowl MVP, and more career highlights than Shaft.
    Archie Manning: Two-time Pro Bowl Selection, lots and lots and lots of interceptions.
  • Kids
    Drew Brees' adorable son.
    Peyton and Eli, who have a combined three Super Bowl rings and seven foreheads between them.
  • Record Through Week 4
  • Bounty Scandal
    Used bounty incentive system on Brett Favre's aging, Wrangler-clad knees.
    Used Bounty paper towels on tough spills!
  • Relationship To 49ers
    Losing streak stretches to last year's gut-wrenching playoff loss to Alex Smith.
    Lost gut-wrenching regular season game to Joe Montana. But really, haven’t we all?
  • Legacy
    Even years after Hurricane Katrina, this Saints team is a reminder of the 2009 squad that brought home a championship in the wake of a terrible tragedy. That we can manufacture hope after something like that is a reminder of all that is good in sports - and all that is good in the human spirit.
    Wearing a bag over your head when your team is bad.
  • Has Drew Brees
    Does not have Drew Brees.
The Saints win!

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