4 Holiday Health Tips

November 21, 2012 12:00 AM

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(CBS SF) – The holidays are a time to celebrate and feast, which can often take a toll on our waistlines. While research indicates the 5-10 pound holiday weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years is more of a myth than a statistic, the average American does pack on 1 entire pound. Which doesn’t sound too bad until you learn that that single pound is rarely ever lost post-holiday partying. Here are a few pointers to keep that daunting pound at bay and still ring in the new year with nothing to lose.

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The Cheese Platter:

According to EverydayHealth.com, of the three most common cheeses featured on the holiday cheese tray – brie, smoked gouda, and spreadable garlic-herb – it’s the brie that’s the least threatening to your physique. Although they all are almost equal in calorie count, (about 100 calories per ounce serving), brie only has 7 grams, while the spreadable cheese has 9 grams, and the smoked cheese is higher in sodium.

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Holiday Cocktails:

Naturally, the first thing you can rule out is the eggnog. First of all, it’s like rotten melted ice cream, and secondly, it’s rich as hell and will likely turn your stomach. No one wants to excuse themselves from a party for a severe nature call. But between three lighter options – champagne, white wine, and vodka soda – it might surprise you that the champagne is the healthier option. Yay! There are only 95-calories in a 5 oz glass.

EverydayHealth.com also suggests to substitute 2 oz of white wine with zero-calorie soda water. But this, too, might not be where you want to make the sacrifice. After all, it is the holidays.

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Christmas Entree Meats:

Turkey was so Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to choose from duck, prime rib, or honey glazed ham. According to EverydayHealth.com, it’s the honey glazed ham that’s your best bet.

The duck is the surprising calorie buster, 288 and 24.3 grams of fat per serving. The prime rib shouldn’t be that big a surprise because it’s red meat and a fattier cut. Lean tenderloin might be a good beef alternative, around 150 calories per serving, but again, the honey glazed ham only has 130 calories per 3 oz serving. With a little champagne mustard sauce, it’s the best!

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Fortunately, if you fill up on brie, champagne, and honey glazed ham, you won’t even have room for this sugary course. But, if sweets are your thing and you make an effort to save space, EverydayHealth.com identifies that of the three common dessert options – gingerbread cookies, chocolate truffles, or candy canes – the healthy choice are a couple candy canes (yuck). With only 17 calories and an off-putting minty-sweet taste, what more could a holiday party animal like you want?

Maybe a slice of yule log?

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