5 Best San Francisco Outdoor Spots for a Dramatic Kiss

May 11, 2011 11:24 AM

One of the advantages of living on the West Coast is that the sun dips into the sky creating a perfect vantage point. This can make for some dramatic sunsets and set the mood for a memorable kiss. For a spectacular smooch, pick almost any beach at sunset. But if you can’t hit the sand in time to make the mood, these five spots should set the scene for a memorable kiss, even if the relationship doesn’t last forever.

Palace of Legion of HonorFeaturing a large circular parking lot with a dramatic fountain and a backlit museum complete with columns and statuary, the Legion of Honor tops my list. A slightly obstructed tree-lined view of the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge complete the scene. The inevitable wind whipping off the sea provides the perfect excuse to snuggle up close.

Legion of Honor

Aquatic ParkRelatively sheltered from the harsher natural elements, generally not that crowded and with ample area to sit and cozy up to each other, the twinkling ship lights of Aquatic Park and a view across the bay make this a fantastic spot for a romantic moment. Added bonus: it’s a quick walk to the Buena Vista for an Irish coffee to warm up afterwards.

Aquatic Park

City Hall PlazaIf you happen to find yourself in this less-than romantic part of town, you can still make the best of it by taking in the twilight views from the park outside City Hall, with the glowing dome of the building in the background. Squint really hard and ignore the more unseemly elements of the neighborhood and you could almost pretend you are in Europe.

City Hall Plaza

Fort FunstonSure, the place is usually overrun with joggers and dogs but Fort Funston also has some relatively secluded spots to woo that special someone. And if you are a dog lover, having man’s best friend along for the occasion might be right up your alley. Take a short walk down the path, work your way through WWII era bunkers, steal a peck here and there before taking in the view of the Pacific, hang gliders overhead and share a special moment.

Fort Funston

Palace of Fine ArtsLocated just off the Marina (a fantastic spot for a kiss in its own right), nestled among gorgeous homes and rimmed by a quiet lagoon, the columns of the Palace of Fine Arts create some visual drama for an encounter with your love.

Palace of Fine Arts

Minor caveat: The spots chosen have hours of operation. Be sure to obey all signage and not end up in trouble with the law for making out after hours.

-Lisa Tennenbaum

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