Ask A Peninsula Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower

August 2, 2013 5:00 AM

A baby shower celebrates one of the most important chapters in an expectant mother’s life. In order to host an entertaining baby shower, the event should be thoughtfully planned well in advance to guarantee everyone who attends will have a memorable day, most importantly, the proud mother-to-be. Oftentimes friends or relatives will plan a baby shower for the very first time and will need practical advice in hosting the festive occasion. Gina Affrunti, owner of Affrunti Events in Redwood City, is an expert in event consulting, particularly in wedding planning and baby showers. Here are some of her most helpful hints for hosting a successful baby shower.

babyshower3 Ask A Peninsula Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower
Comfort and Timing is Key

To ensure a comfortable shower for the expecting mother, the host should take into consideration the baby’s due date. When selecting a location for the shower, expected weather conditions should also be taken into account. The shower should be at a location that minimizes travel, parking and gift carrying chores for everyone, especially if planning an outdoor event. There is nothing more uncomfortable for the expecting mother than being in the final months of pregnancy and having to sit outside in sweltering heat. The host should also select an event date in the mother’s second trimester and select a location that provides a cool and comfortable environment for the guest of honor and invited guests. Comfort is key to an enjoyable event for everyone.

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babyshower4 Ask A Peninsula Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower
Pick a Fun and Personal Theme 

Showers have come a long way from the old standard “Baby Blue or Pastel Pink” event themes that featured a room adorned with cheesy plastic storks and rubber ducklings. These days, the new “Shabby and Vintage Chic” has become all the rage. Of course, hosting an elegant tea party with a modern twist might just be a way to “WOW” guests and surprise the expecting mother. Gina suggests being creative and having fun, but not necessarily expensive. Planning a shower just needs careful planning well in advance.

Gina recommends not referring to the baby as “IT” when sending out the invitations, designing table decorations, etc. If known in advance, the baby’s name should always be used. If the name is not known, planners can come up with a creative and cute slogan for the event instead of saying, “It’s a Girl” or “It’s a Boy.” Hosts must also acknowledge whom the shower is for by designing the shower around the likes and interest of the guest of honor, even if it differs in personal taste or interest.

babyshower2 Ask A Peninsula Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower
Be Creative 

A hostess should always consider whether this is the mother’s first baby, or if this is a new baby sister or brother due to arrive. Gina’s says by purchasing party décor that can be repurposed as nursery décor after the event, it’s a great way to give even more to the mother-to-be.  Thoughtful ideas such as paper fans, lanterns and hanging puffballs can make great decorations and have become a popular trend in nursery design and decoration. Custom pendants are also a nice touch. Gina suggests going to to find many talented vendors and artist to make custom details for an event.

babysjower5 Ask A Peninsula Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower
Invest Wisely

An in-home party is a great way to save on costs and gives an event a more personal touch. The majority of local venues will generally charge a room fee or have a food and beverage minimum. Paying those fees are fine for larger scale events, but it’s not always feasible or necessary to fund for a smaller function, like a baby shower. By avoiding a venue, the cost savings can instead be used towards purchasing high-quality foods and beverages and unique decorations to brighten up the home.

babyshower1 Ask A Peninsula Expert: Tips For Hosting A Baby Shower
Make it Fun!

Lastly, Gina has these valuable words of advice: forget those traditional baby shower games. Instead, a creative theme with an inventive menu with specialty beverages can easily engage guests. Not all showers have to be “afternoon brunches.” Hosting a cocktail and dessert party can be a fun way to spice up the “traditional” baby shower. Add a little something extra by having guests write a special message to the baby in a unique memory book for the baby’s nursery instead of using a traditional “guest book” signing.

Bonus Tip

Hire a professional to plan it all!

About Gina Affrunti and Affrunti Events – Affrunti Events is a boutique events management and consulting company based in Redwood City. Gina’s specialty is personalized event planning and day-of event management, down to the finest detail. As a mother of three young boys, she has participated in her fair share of baby showers and has hosted numerous baby showers for family, friends and satisfied customers. When not planning special events, she can be found chasing after her three energy-filled boys, enjoying time spent with her husband and friends, working in the garden, going for walks and stopping for coffee; lots of coffee!

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