Ask The Expert: Most Stylish Places To Get Married In San Francisco

March 12, 2013 5:00 AM
Jane Hammond is a highly successful wedding planner, who stumbled into a career as an event planner, and found an amazing knack for the job. here, Jane offers us her fabulous advice on choosing the perfect venue to get hitched.

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Jane Hammond has been in the catering business for 35 years, first in England and then in America. “I never really planned on doing weddings,” she says, “but weddings found me. It just happened. But we enjoy doing them, because it’s wonderful to get to know the families and be a part of so many beautiful events.” She proudly reports Jane Hammond Events has been listed by the San Francisco Chronicle as one of the top 10 caterers in San Francisco. Jane offers several tips to consider when seeking a stylish place to get married in San Francisco.

Tip 1

Consider your budget. Do you want a high-end venue? If you can afford it, that’s wonderful. But even on a low budget, there are quite a few excellent choices. For example, Land’s End, a public park, provides some of the most fabulous views ever. It may not be expensive, but imagine the amazing scenery of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. There are also several options in Golden Gate Park. Many weddings have been held in  the Shakespeare Garden. The Tulip Garden is another popular location. Jane says that one of her favorite Golden Gate Park locations is the Aids Memorial Grove.

Tip 2

You really want to consider your personal preferences. Some couples might want to be married at the Legion of Honor Museum, for example, but others might find that too stuffy. A more contemporary couple might prefer a modern art gallery such as Terra SF – a wonderful venue. Jane says that she once catered a wedding at the top of the DeYoung overlooking the entire city. That was very unusual. On another occasion, she actually helped plan a wedding outside on a ski slope. The point is that you don’t have to make obvious choices. Jane insists, “It’s your party! Anything goes!”

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Tip 3 

Make sure, in all your wedding plans, that you work with people who are willing to listen carefully to your needs. The most elegant location won’t lead to a very happy occasion if the staff is snooty. Some venues have so many rules and regulations that they could dampen the spirit of the most ardent optimist. And you don’t want to wind up in a place that won’t accommodate Aunt Sarah’s special need for a large chair, for example, or respect your preference for orchids instead of roses. Listen to your feelings. If you feel that you won’t get along at a particular location, then get going and find somewhere else.

Tip 4

For the best online guidance in finding venues, Jane recommends Here Comes The Guide. “It costs nothing,” she says, “and we consider it the online ‘bible’ to help with your wedding plans. It offers a wealth of information.”

Tip 5

Jane’s final tip is perhaps the most important of all: “Remember to enjoy yourself,” she insists. “After all, this process is supposed to be fun!”

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