Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Peninsula Beauty Guru

February 19, 2013 5:00 AM

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Jennifer Pham, owner of L’Escape Spa, knows spring means rejuvenation and she looks the part. With our busy, hectic lives, every minute counts. Stunning Jennifer Pham radiates good health and pure beauty and she would like to share some secrets to make you look like a model daily without working too hard to achieve that beauty. Use all of these steps in sequence or just a few, depending on the occasion. Don’t forget to get your eight hours of rest, drink six to eight glasses of water daily, take your vitamins, exercise to increase endorphins and circulation and maintain a healthy diet. What goes on inside your body reflects on the outside, so take care of your health. Each of these will have you looking spring fresh in no time.
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Jennifer Pham owns L’Escape Spa and Salon in Burlingame and specializes in health-based beauty and computerized facials

Jennifer Pham
L’Escape Spa
1217 Burlingame Ave.
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Spray Yonka Paris Lotion to soothe your weathered skin. It’s a toner that’s both invigorating and refreshing. Yonka Paris Lotion hydrates and balances skin and is alcohol free.

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Cindy Warner wears tinted foundation with sunscreen by Jane Iredale, a popular recommendation by Jennifer Pham

Serum and tinted moisturizer with sunscreen

Next, apply the Instant Lift Serum from Shira. Shira makes the Instant Lift Serum with a polysilicone base to smooth out any lines or large pores for an even porcelain look.

Now you’re ready for Glow Time, a full-coverage tinted moisturizer with SPF 25 from Jane Iredale. Since it’s full coverage, it evens pigmentation. If you are active or outdoors often, it is water resistant to keep you protected. Apply Glow Time Mineral BB Cream with a fluffy powder brush to get an airbrush look. If fingertips are more convenient, that works too. Jane Iredale is a line of mineral make-up that’s anti-irritating and cruelty free. It’s non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. Glow Time goes on with a light, fresh grapefruit scent and then becomes unscented while the cream feels light, comfortable and natural to wear, with just a few drops covering the face. A tube of Jane Iredale’s Glow Time Mineral BB Cream costs around $48.

For light coverage, Jennifer Pham recommends Tizo from Solar Protection. Solar makes this silicon-based product, which gives you a smooth texture and finish with SPF 40.

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Bronzer, highlighter and shadow

Apply a bronzer that matches your skin tone to your cheeks, forehead and nose. Next, apply highlighter underneath well-groomed eyebrows. Jane Iredale’s highlighter pencils in white/pink or double dazzle cost $15.50. Shade in shadow, then make sure to use a blending brush so there’s no demarcation lines.

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Jennifer Pham recommends plenty of water and taking care of yourself besides using her make-up tips, including Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics that feel comfortable and natural.

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Brush on your eyeliner as close to your lashes as you can. Jane Iredale carries silver and gold liquid but also black and brown for special occasions. Her Mystikol pencils for smoky looks come in an array of colors from lapis and aquamarine to malachite and smoky quartz ($20). Don’t forget to curl lashes and then apply Divaderme mascara from Italy for a thick, full glamorous look ($16). Start from the base of your lashes so the product doesn’t weigh down your lashes, keeping them curled. Finish off with Jane Iredale’s PureMoist lipstick in “Kristen.” It’s a rouge color that brightens and completes your look.

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Cindy Warner feels rejuvenated and soothed by Jennifer Pham’s computerized facial at L’Escape Spa.

Skin treatments

To maximize your radiant skin, try the Forever Young treatment to look like a star, available at L’Escape Spa. It will continue to enhance your beauty and give your make-up look a youthful glow. Enhance your skin by adding a Nutrient mask from L’Escape Spa which retrains your muscles while it dissolves your dead cells. Just three treatments a week will continue to give you that youthful healthy glow.

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