DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Abigail At The Presidio Lookout

June 18, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr san francisco DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Abigail At The Presidio Lookout

“This car is special to me.”

The Ride
The Driver: Abigail
Car in Question: 2008 Silver Toyota Corolla
Spotted at: Presidio, San Francisco, CA 94129
Odometer: 48,812


Q: How long have you owned your vehicle?

A: Six years? No, no, no, no, hold on wait a minute. It’s a 2008 and I got it in 2008 brand new, so three years?

Q: Did you buy it from a dealership?

A: I don’t know. I didn’t buy it. My parents, they bought it for themselves and then had to give it to me because my car broke down.

Q: What kind of car did you have?

A: A Ford Taurus. It was owned by my grandfather and was really old. I couldn’t tell you what year it was though, but I know it was pretty old.

Q: How old are you Abby?

A: Twenty-five.

Q: How much time do you spend in it?

A: I spend probably an hour in it every day commuting 25 to 30 minutes to work in San Rafael. I do throw weekend trips in there too. Up north or to visit friends in Davis, or back home in San Diego. I go down there a lot too.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: No smoking cigarettes. Yeah, that is the rule.

Q: What do you listen to in your car?

A: A lot of talk radio and a lot of lectures on CD.

Q: If your car had a human emotion, what would it be and why?

A: How about annoyed because its driver isn’t a very good driver. And “tired” because I drive it every day.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

A: I don’t have a dream car. My dream would be that I don’t have a car. I would have a driver and someone else driving me!

Photos and interview by Brandon Oldham

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