DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Angela At SF Civic Center

November 28, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr san francisco DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Angela At SF Civic Center

“Hondas last a long time, so I’m hoping for at least 100,000 more miles!”

The Ride
The Driver: Angela
Car in Question: Black 2006 Honda Civic
Spotted at: City Hall, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102
Odometer: 49,332
Car’s Nickname: The Black Knight


Q: Why the Black Knight?

A: Everyone thought it was cool. All the cars in my family have nicknames, so I chose that because it’s like a cool, superhero car.

Q: Would your car’s theme song be the Batman theme song then?

A: It would definitely be the Batman theme song.

Q: How long have you owned your vehicle?

A: I got it in 2005, so it’s been six years now.

Q: What neighborhood do you live in? 

A: I currently live in Palo Alto, 94025.

Q: How old are you, Angela?

A: I’m 27.

Q: What’s your car’s main use? 

A: Its main use now is getting me back and fourth to work here in the city. I spend two hours a day in it at least because my commute is 45 minutes each way.

Q: What’s your favorite, or least favorite part, of your commute?

A: My favorite part is the radio. The worst is definitely traffic and having to get up really early to go to work on time.

Q: Where did you get your car?

A: I got my car from a Honda dealership in Las Vegas.

Q: Would you say it was a good experience?

A: Yay! It was my first new car, so I was very excited.

Q: Since you bought your car brand new, and have had it for six years now, how many miles do you think are remaining in the life of your car?

A: Oooh, a lot. I mean Hondas last a long time, so I’m hoping for at least 100,000 more miles!

Q: What’s your favorite day trip from home?

A: I guess my favorite day trip would probably be to Sausalito. I go there a lot with my husband. It’s sunny and on the water. They have great food.

Q: Where’s the furthest place you’ve driven to with this car?

A: Furthest trip from San Francisco would be back home to my family in Las Vegas.

Q: Would you say Vegas was the craziest place you’ve ever driven to?

A: Oh, I don’t know if there is one. Vegas wasn’t that crazy to drive to because it’s basically highway and desert. I’d probably say Yosemite because of the mountains and windy roads.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: Definitely no smoking. I hate when people leave trash. I’m really tense about my car being really clean all the time. People can eat in my car, but I don’t like smelly food.

Q: What do you listen to in your car?

A: Top 40. I definitely rock out a lot! It helps me get through my 45 minutes of commuting. Right now my favorite is “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO.

Q: If your car had a human emotion, what would it be?

A: It would most likely be happy and energetic like me. It has a good pep to it. I can pick it up pretty fast. I’m almost always playing music, so I think my car is happy. Plus, I take good care of it.

Q: What do you think your next car will realistically be?

A: My next car will probably be a BMW.

Q: Do you have a specific model of BMW in mind?

A: I want just like a regular four-door, base model, nothing too fancy.

Q: What would your absolute dream car be?

A: I would probably pick one of those crazy cars where the doors go up on the sides, you know? I think I’d be too scared to drive it, or leave it anywhere though.

Q: Yeah, like a Lamborghini. What color do you think you would get?

A: They have great colors, but I think I would honestly get a black or silver one though. I like sleek clean lines and colors that bring out the curves.

Q: Is there anything else we should know about your car?

A: It’s a good little car with a lot of memories. It took me from Vegas to Irvine where I went to college. It’s a good road trip car.

Photos and interview by Brandon Oldham

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