DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mark On Doyle Drive

June 4, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr san francisco DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mark On Doyle Drive

“I wanted my wife to be able to sit right next to me, just like in the old days.”

The Ride
The Driver: Mark
Car in Question: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan
Spotted at: Doyle Drive, San Francisco, CA 94129
Odometer: unknown
Car’s Nickname: The Cruising Chevy


Q: Mark, your car is marvelous. What can you tell us about it?

A: It’s a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air four-door sedan. It’s more of a family car. It’s not the cool hot rods that some of the Chevrolet’s were. It has more of a conservative feel to it and it’s a little bigger.

Q: I see, so you don’t use it to speed down roads? What do you use it for?

A: It’s really a cruising car. It’s not a car you’d drive fast in and out of traffic, it’s a car you sit back in and coast.

Q: When did you get this car? Why did you choose this car?

A: In 1998, my car was dying. I had an old car. I was thinking about what I would like in my next car. I didn’t want a new car. Mainly I wanted a car with a bench seat. All the contemporary cars for many years have had bucket seats and you’re sitting separated from the person next to you. I wanted my wife to be able to sit right next to me, just like in the old days, when all the cars had bench seats.

Q: That’s sweet. So your wife slightly influenced the decision?

A: My wife’s last name is Carr. When I was looking for a car from the ’50s, she asked, “Why do you want a car from the ’50s?” I replied, “Well, I like cars for the ’50s.” She responded, “You’ve already got one!”

Q: Can you describe one time when you had fun in this car?

A: We go park, overlooking the Bay and the Ocean. We’ll bring some martinis and put some music on. There will be four to six of us, or just my wife and I, and of course my dog Romeo! We’ll just have a great time enjoying the sunset or moon. So the one rule is enjoy yourself.

Photos and interview by Abigail Kira

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