TTYM: Watch A Training Camp Temper Tantrum & Meet Tom Brady AKA ‘Tommy Salami’

July 26, 2013 2:37 PM

ttym 955617 TTYM: Watch A Training Camp Temper Tantrum & Meet Tom Brady AKA Tommy Salami  
by @TaraLipinsky

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Watch a Redskins fan freak out at training camp, Tom Brady gets mocked once again by salesman Doug and you’ll never believe where one man got an RGIII Tattoo. What do they serve the fans at FedEx Field?  It’s all in this week’s That Thing You Missed.

Tat’s Ridiculous

One Redskins fan is such a diehard he got RGIII's face on his prosthetic leg. (Credit: Jamar Diehardskinsfan Goodwine)

There are some folks out there who consider themselves “Die Hard” fans of their favorite team and after this post I’m afraid they will have to hang their head in shame.

Because this Washington Redskins fan is so obsessed with his football team he actually had RG3’s face emblazoned on his prosthetic leg. Yes, his prosthesis! 

At first I was outraged by the obvious destruction and my perceived lack of respect this man had for his life-altering medical equipment.

And then it dawned on me, he can always buy a new leg.

The genius who got a tattoo of Allen Iverson on one leg and a Wilt Chamberlain Tattoo on the other — not so much.

What is the worst sports tattoo you’ve ever seen?

I want to know Email or Tweet me a picture at or send me a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

Story via CBS DC

Crying Shame

And there’s at least one Redskins fan who is already disgusted with her team’s performance.

For most football lovers the first day of training camp is a joyous occasion, especially if you can pull off actually attending.

But this woman seriously regrets using up one of her precious vacations days and left devastated.

I’ll let her explain it, while I go get her prescription for Xanax and Prozac filled.

Story via CBS DC 

The Blind Side

Let’s face it; Sky Diving is a dangerous sport.

Typically, that’s only true for the guy jumping out of the plane, not the ones standing on the ground and definitely not for baseball players in position on a baseball field about to play.

Unfortunately, for Mattingly Romanin, this week that wasn’t the case.

The shortstop was accidentally kicked in the face by a skydiver who had parachuted in during the pre-game show. 

And I don’t know what’s worse, the fact Romanin didn’t bother to jump out of the way or his teammates apparent lack of concern for his health in the aftermath.

Story via CBS Detroit 

A Very Brady Sequel

It is no secret I am not a Tom Brady fan despite the fact he was the QB at Michigan.

What I am a fan of though, is Funny or Die’s Dick’s Sports commercial where salesperson Doug mocks Brady and his  ‘wicked heavy’ Boston accent. 

And now, there’s a sequel.  In it “Doug” calls Brady a slew of nicknames including “Tommy Salami.”  

While I wouldn’t pay a penny for Brady memorabilia – but I’d lay out a small fortune to call that man “Tommy Salami” to his face.

What was your favorite Brady slur?  We want to know.

E-mail Tara Lipinsky at or send me a Tweet @TaraLipinsky.

Story via CBS Boston 

 Bye Bye Birdie

Badminton is officially the NHL of net sports.

First, two women’s double teams were disqualified for intentionally trying to lose their matches during the Summer Olympics 2012, and now this.

A brawl broke out between two former Thailand Olympic teammates during a changeover at a Canadian tournament.

It allegedly started when one guy gave the other “the finger.”

Perhaps the Badminton World Federation should take the lead from Roger Goodell and consider PED testing?

Story via CBS Detroit

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