Journalist, Filmmaker, Author Clay Cane Talks About New Book, 'Live Through This'
Journalist, filmmaker and author Clay Cane talks to BR host Christin Ayers about his new book, 'Live through This, Surviving the Intersections of Sexuality, God and Race.'


Talking Politics: S.F. Mayor Race / Bad AdsPhil Matier, Melissa Caen and former San Francisco mayor and state assembly speaker Willie Brown tackle two topics from the week in politics. (5-20-18)
At Issue: The Mueller InvestigationIt has been a year since special counsel Robert Mueller began the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia. Phil Matier talks about the probe with UC Hastings law professor and former U.S.associate deputy attorney general Rory Little. (5-20-18)
At Issue: Ranked Choice VotingKPIX 5's Phil Matier asks San Francisco supervisor Aaron Peskin to explain the city's "instant runoff" election system. (5-20-18)

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Mental Illness Propels Woman's Startling Descent Into HomelessnessA woman recently arrested for stabbing two strangers with a pair of scissors illustrates the plight of many of the Bay Area's homeless -- thousands of whom are mentally ill. Joe Vazquez traces the sad journey of Marina Vayner from suburban comfort to life on the streets. (5-18-18)
Special-Needs Riders Endure Slow Service on Paratransit VansImagine what it would feel like to sit in a bus for three-plus hours for a 14-mile ride. Then imagine what it's like for a disabled person. For many, that is a near-daily reality. Juliette Goodrich reports. (5-17-18)
Wounded Veterans Honored at SF BenefitABC correspondent Bob Woodruff's Stand Up for Heroes foundation fundraiser is Thursday night at the Masonic and, earlier in the day, 25 invited veterans were groomed and fed at a luncheon in their honor. John Ramos was there. (5-17-18)


Dr. Collin Smikle Talks About Laurel Fertility CareDr. Collin Smikle, director of Laurel Fertility Care talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about helping couples grappling with infertility.
Tech Companies Collaborate to Create Next-Gen Sex RobotsA California company and its collaborators will soon roll out a new incredibly life-like sex robot that is run by artificial intelligence. Juliette Goodrich reports. (4-26-18)
State Insurance Commissioner Investigates Complaint That Insurers Discriminate Against Gay MenCalifornia's insurance commissioner is looking into an allegation that some insurance companies are discriminating against gay men. Maria Medina reports. (2-15-18)

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Pet Some Very Cool Bugs At Insect PaloozaNorman Gershenz, director of and the Insect Discovery Lab in San Francisco brings some very cool bugs for Michelle Griego to hold, or NOT!
Meet Alicia Jay, Creator Of 'Tall Swag'Black Renaissance's Roqui Theus gets style advice for women with the 'gift of height' from Alicia Jay, creator of the blog 'Tall Swag.'
'Revelations' Exhibit Celebrates Art Of The African DiasporaBlack Renaissance tours a groundbreaking exhibition called 'Revelations' at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. This collection celebrates art from the African Diaspora, slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement, not as folk art, but fine art.

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