BERKELEY, Calif. (KCBS)- Willard Pool on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley has been shut down due to budget issues.

The closure comes as the city council renews city worker memberships at the YMCA.

Berkeley voters failed to approve a $22.5 million June ballot measure designed to improve city pools.

It was the city’s only pool on the south side of town.

12-year-old Alberto Antonio used to take swimming lessons at the pool and enjoyed the diving board.

Although he admits Willard was no oasis.

“It was kind of dirty. You could always find dirt and leaves at the bottom of the pool and they had bugs in there. It was kind of bad,” said the young swimmer.

He also complained about the “bumble bees” that were present at the poolside.

Some city residents are upset the cuts come as memberships for city workers at the YMCA were again authorized.

Berkeley resident Sheila Sierra said if the kids want to swim, “they can go swimming at the Y and they can walk, and they can carry their stuff on their backs.”

Sierra has no issue with city worker perks and in fact thinks police and fire workers should get spa memberships for their efforts.