SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) The San Francisco Planning Commission has approved a major retail project for one of the most blighted blocks on Market Street.

The project would take up a big chunk between 5th and 6th streets, an area which is generally avoided by residents and visitors alike because of the crime and street people.

Supporters say it will be an incredible improvement for the neighborhood.

“The prospect of a well-lit, active retailer is one that we welcome with much enthusiasm,” said a project supporter.

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“It’s always been a scary place down there and it just seems like such a wonderful opportunity,” said another who showed her support.

Most of the people attending this week’s Planning Commission hearing gave the project enthusiastic reviews, but there were naysayers who complained about the intention to use 188 parking spaces.

“Retailers should be able to operate without parking,” said a man in opposition. “There are 1,500 spots within walking distance.”

The center is designed to sell larger products and bulk items, things shoppers said they couldn’t transport on a bike, by bus or BART.

The Planning Commission approved the project with the parking intact and now, the developer is trying to line up retailers to occupy the space.