A prankster has apparently hijacked police radio frequencies on the Peninsula, causing all kinds of problems for emergency responders, and police are anxious to track down whoever is behind the phony radio calls.

”A couple of weeks ago we started to have someone come up on our frequency,” said Captain Dan DeSmidt with Belmont Police.

He says the man’s voice sounded mostly like gibberish, but then the person started to play recordings of television shows.

”In other cases he would give critiques of the police department, things like that,” said DeSmidt.

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Other departments on the Peninsula have heard the same prankster calling in phony bar fights, only to mock the police who then respond to the scene. DeSmidt says not only is this activity a federal crime, it is putting public safety at risk.

”Our officers can’t broadcast while this person is broadcasting illegally on our radio frequency,” said DeSmidt.

The Federal Communications Commission has been called in to investigate, and anyone with information on the phony police broadcaster is asked to call either the Belmont, or Burlingame Police Departments.

Comments (2)
  1. Ryan says:

    I have heard this guy twice now at night on Burlingame Police frequency. He interrupts the line by playing “Jerky Boy”s skits. The first time he went off in a tyrant against Police. I would guess White Male, 30-40 years of age. And will behind bars shortly!

  2. Oaktown says:

    This sort of thing usually happens when an officer gets careless with his portable radio, loses it on a call, or it gets stolen out of his car… So, when do we find out which Dept is short one of its radios ??