SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) _ Weather forecasters are calling this one of the coldest summer in San Francisco in 40 years.

People who have lived in the Bay Area and particularly San Francisco are used to seeing out-of-towners shiver in their shorts and t-shirts.

But even by San Francisco standards, this has been a cold, gray summer.

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“It’s very cold. We came from 90 degree weather,” said Brandon Greer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. “We’re on our honeymoon and we landed here and I’m just in my short sleeve shirt and I made it ten minutes before we had to buy a fleece. So, I’m very surprised how cold it is.”

There’s also the crowd pouring off the Sea Princess, a cruise ship that just pulled in from Alaska.

Meredith Killinger was stunned to get off the ocean liner in California and find herself underdressed.

“It’s colder here in San Francisco than in Juneau, Alaska,” she said.

Many of the arriving tourists headed straight for Pier 39, where the souvenir shops are jammed with people picking up jackets and sweatshirts.

Comments (4)
  1. Mark Pritchard says:

    Really? What’s the data behind this assertion that it’s the coldest summer in 40 years? Which “weather forecasters” said this?

  2. barbara says:

    I totally believe it.

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