OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)_ The city of Oakland joined the rest of the country in celebrating National Night Out on Tuesday evening.

10th Street in West Oakland was just one of 452 neighborhood-block parties being held, marking the most ever in Oakland.

The celebration was complete with barbeque, football in the street, an inflatable bouncy house, face painting, and even a spray paint wall.

Denise, who attended, says it’s good to get to know your neighbors so that you can look out for one another, especially in an area where she claims to have heard gunshots and seen drug deals.

“It’s good for the community to get together since we have so much violence around here.  This is a way to show the community support,”  said Denise.

Denise added that many in the community need to get over the “no snitch mentality” in light of last month’s 80 police layoffs in Oakland.

“I hate that they have fewer cops now, but if the community sticks together and with the neighborhood watch, everything will work out,” she said.

The premise of National Night Out is that when neighbors know each other, neighborhoods are safer.