SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) _ It could soon be the end of the road for one of San Francisco’s most popular sandwich shops.

Ike’s Place in the city’s Castro District has an almost cult-like following, as there are times when the line just to order a sandwich winds down the block.

But the shop at the corner of Sanchez and 16th streets may soon be a victim of its own success, as neighbors have complained about noise, garbage and loitering.

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The city is also in the process of investigating if the proper permits have been issued to allow the owner to operate a sandwich shop.

In the meantime, Ike’s has been hit with an eviction notice and needs to be gone by the end of the month.

And customers are not pleased.

“You’ve got a wonderful, small business that’s thriving and it’s a shame that they can’t somehow make accommodation for them,” said one fan of Ike’s.

Julian Lastowski, an attorney representing two people who live above the sandwich shop said all they are looking for is a good neighbor who takes care of their needs.

“All of Ike’s supporters seem to think that my clients are cranky NIMBYs,” said Lastowski. “And now the city is somehow at fault for insisting that Ike’s should have to get a permit like every other business.”

Ike’s Place General Manager Chase Ottney said they are working on the noise and garbage issues while fighting in court to stay put.

“If we lose, we’ll probably spend at least six months closed in the city,” he said. “So that’s the farthest from what we want to do. We want to stay here.”

Ottney said upwards of 35 employees would lose their jobs if they’re forced out.

But he did say they are in the process of expanding to Stanford University and Santa Rosa, along with plans to open up more shops in San Francisco.

  1. ray koski says:

    Move to Pleasanton/Livermore and start over..its a great place to live…