SAN CARLOS, Calif. (AP) _ Caltrain has begun a series of six public hearings on cutting service as the commuter rail agency seeks to shave $2.3 million from its operating budget.

Options include eliminating weekend trains, curtailing service to and from Gilroy and reducing early morning, midday and late-evening service. Officials are also considering increasing fares by 25 cents, raising monthly pass prices to $155 from $140 and closing staffed ticket offices.

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Caltrain declared a fiscal emergency earlier this year, allowing the agency to raise fares and cut service. The service relies for its funding on contributions from other transit agencies, which are facing their own budget problems.

Hearings were held Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m. in San Francisco, San Carlos and San Jose. Three hearings will be held in Gilroy after the arrival of evening trains.

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  1. Tom Bourne says:

    I live by the tracks south of San Jose, every day I watch six empty train cars go by six times a day and at night I watch more empty trains going to Gilroy that are not even on the schedule. What a waste. No wonder there’s a deficit.