SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)_ San Francisco’s mayor, school superintendent, and a member of the school board are recruiting members to fight against truancy.

They were handing out flyers on Tuesday around 24th and Bryant streets in hopes to battle against students playing hooky.

San Francisco has made progress keeping students in class but Mayor Newsom says everyone must play a role in the battle against truancy, including merchants.

“We need you not just to condone that behavior by dismissing it or just being silent about it we need you to get engaged. We need your help and to call the Referral Center,” says Newsom.

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The mayor refers to the new Truancy Assessment and Referral Center and describes the flyers that say, “Keep it real, stay in school”. Newsom added that the truancy center is the first of its type in the nation.

Business owners agree drastic action is needed.

Jaime Maldonado at La Victoria Bakery is more than willing to help. He’s not sure about his fellow merchants.

“Everyone has a truancy problem. No one wants to admit to it, but it’s there,” says Maldonado.

“I’m probably the most proactive merchant in the area. Everyone else will go, ‘oh it’s the city’s problem not my problem’. It turns into your problem when they break your window,” added Maldonado.