SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) _ The Climate Change Forum convened in San Francisco this week, with many experts saying that the fight against climate change is facing significant challenges.

Jack Broadbent with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District said a lot of the troubles have to do with the struggling economy.

“A lot of it has to do with the economy. We have to have a robust economy to be able to afford the right kind of mitigation measures for climate change,” he said. “That’s an important constraint.”

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Broadbent said federal legislation on climate change has all but stalled and California’s AB 32, which established a regulatory structure in 2006, is now under attack.

Proposition 23 on the November ballot would suspend it until state unemployment drops to 5.5 percent or less.

Mat Ehrhardt, president of the California Air Pollution Control Officer’s Association said that fighting climate change goes hand-in-hand with rebuilding the economy.

“Creating jobs in ways that don’t impact our environment is really going to be a key,” he said. “We have to be sustainable moving forward. If we continue our old ways and don’t move forward, then we’ll be going backward.”

The main goal of the Climate Change Forum is to better organize grassroots, local, state and federal efforts.

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    i wish to request for scholarship to study climate change in agriculture

  2. Floyd Brown says:

    The water in the oceans with some help from mankind can be made cooler in some areas & warmer in others. It is important
    that we be able to control the balance of helping to heat or cool the oceans. We must not over do either part.

    We can help the oceans to soak up more heat in areas that don’t have tropical storms. Spraying cool water in to warm or hot air would act to cool the air & raise the water temperature.

    We can bring cooler water to the surface in some areas. This may help reduce the force of tropical storms. Reducing the surface temperature should lower the impact of a tropical storm.
    We can make snow in the polar regions. Spraying sea water into the air would cool the water & if sprayed onto land would store frozen water to help in keeping sea levels from rising as much.

    It would take ships the move around the seas able to preform the tasks. It will not bet easy to come up with the total effort that would be needed. But even one well place large ship bringing cool water to the surface could make an impact on the total force of a storm. Moving in the center of a heated area of the sea. Just bring cooler water to the surface with out spraying might be the best way to do it. As this will raise the over all temperature of the water in these areas. To compensate for this it needs to cool other areas of the oceans.

    With the billions in damages that is done by storms spending some money on projects like this may save us from lots of problems.

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