SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KCBS)_ President Obama has proposed pumping $50 billion into rebuilding roads, railways and runways, but those in transportation wonder if that’s going to be enough.

The program is meant to create long-term jobs by rebuilding roads and funding transportation projects.

BART spokesman Linton Johnson says he’s pleased that people now have their eyes on how to improve transportation, and that they have plenty of projects that could benefit from an infusion of federal cash.

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“Our number one goal is replacing all 669 railcars with 700 railcars. We have to do that because we have a growing ridership and this current crop of cars can’t carry the people of the future,” says Johnson.

That project will cost between $3.5 and $4 billion and Johnson wonders if the President’s $50 billion proposal gets through Congress, if there will be enough to go around.

BART Noise Increases

Meanwhile the noise is increasing on BART.

The San Francisco Chronicle took a hand-held sound-level meter & measured the noise along various parts of BART’s 104 miles of track.

Noise levels on some stretches of track reach 100 decibels of noise. It’s especially loud in the underground sections, not unlike the level of noise you’d hear standing next to a jackhammer.

BART says it’s worried about the noise workers are exposed to from steel wheels on steel tracks.

A BART spokesman said the system’s noise level is not as bad as it is on similar rail systems across the country.