SAN JOSE (KCBS) – Word that there may be two “high risk” natural gas pipelines running through San Jose has sparked confusion and concern among residents in the community.
The city is pushing PG&E to repair those questionable pipelines as soon as possible.

The intersection of Tasman Dr. and North First St. in San Jose has been named as one of the locations where PG&E has a “high risk” pipeline underground.

“I live right, right over there with my family, along with my niece, and that’s not okay. Not okay,” declared Jackie Jesus. Her message to PG&E was a simple one. “Fix it, ASAP. I don’t want what happened to San Bruno to happen down here.”

Mayor Chuck Reed had a similar message for the utility, urging PG&E to complete any and all repairs sooner than the currently scheduled timeline of 2012.

“We want to make sure that we’ve got the best practices, that we’re being cautious and careful and that we’re not doing anything that might cause any trouble for the pipelines because it’s quite clear they can be very dangerous if they start leaking,” Reed explained.

So far, there have been no reports of any leaks at Tasman Dr. and North First Street. Similarly, there have been no reports of any leaks at San Jose’s second “high risk” pipeline site, which is near the border San Jose shares with Milpitas.

PG&E was expected to release an official list of the top 100 “high risk” pipelines in Northern California as early as Monday afternoon.

  1. CWM says:

    Making PG&E publish a list of gas lines is just plain stupid and purely political by our moronic “leaders”. They are using a tragic accident as a reason to flex their muscle and score points for political purposes with the people that elected them. It is surely going to cause more and more panic reactions like the lady in the article when in reality there is a very minute chance of any further occurrences like that which happened in San Bruno.
    I think it would be fitting for PG&E to say that the only way to be 100% sure that there would never be another incident is to shut down all the gas lines which we will do by a specific date. And while they are at it perhaps they should eliminate the electoral grid since they also pose a danger to people that drive under the transmission lines. We won’t have any gas or electricity but at least we will be safe.

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