San Francisco transportation officials have unveiled their plans for the future with the main goal being that the private automobile is taking a backseat to other forms of transit.

The city’s Municipal Transportation Agency maintains there are too many cars in the city and not enough people using public transit, riding their bicycles or just walking.

While acknowledging the passenger vehicle has its place, MTA head Nathanial Ford told his board the future belongs to other modes of transportation.

”Like the FDA’s food pyramid, too many carbs are not good for you,” said Ford. “And so it is true for the mobility pyramid, too many cars are not good for our city.”

Ford says that for future planning, the city should think about moving people, not cars.

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Comments (3)
  1. Gary S says:

    Because whether you like it or not, the People’s Republic of San Francisco will eventually forbid you to operate a private vehicle within city limits — for the Good Of The Collective.

    1. Matt says:

      As long as this means MUNI won’t be running their unofficial always-late schedule then I am fine not having a car. I just would like to know that I can get where I need to in good time, without having to plan in an extra hour or so to get across a city this small. It would be really great to see more reliable and quicker public transit in SF.