PALO ALTO (AP) – A coalition of cities and nonprofit groups on the Peninsula are suing to derail a $43-billion bullet train.

Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Atherton, along with five environmental and citizens groups, filed a suit Monday in Sacramento County Superior Court.

The suit against the California High-Speed Rail Authority seeks to halt a proposed line between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

It claims environmental studies inflated ridership figures for the proposed train and don’t meet state requirements.

A similar suit was dismissed two years ago.

Rail authority Deputy Director Jeff Barker told the San Jose Mercury News that he hasn’t seen the suit and can’t comment.

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Comments (5)
  1. Justin G says:

    The high speed rail is going to be awesome, but of course, there’s always someone that HAS to complain.

  2. Mr Merciless says:

    Notice the expensive cities complain? If you want to continue paying the outragous airline ticket prices then by all means kill alternate travel options.

    Stupid people should not breed!

  3. kc says:

    This high speed rail is not going to be cheap! You can go to their own website to get estimated costs. It’ll have stops along the way as well. If someone from Marin or West Contra Costa want to take it to say Disneyland you have to get to SF, take the train to LA, change trains and then you’ll still need to get around once you get to your destination.
    I did calculate the time to do that trip from my house.. it would take about 5 hours total, cost my family close to $400 (there are 5 of us) and then we’d still need a rental car. We can drive there in 6 and cost less than $200 and we won’t need a rental car.
    How the High Speed Rail got their rider numbers I, and many, would like to know? It really seems that they just pulled a number out of the air.

  4. KD says:

    RE: KC

    and if you were to fly your family of five down to LA that would cost more than the high speed rail when you factor the costs of getting to and from the airports (LAX/SFO) and then would still need to rent that car you already have. The idea here is another CHOICE into the mix of neither driving or flying but that opportunity to take public transit. Not everyone is a family of five, nor do they all have a car.

  5. Stephen Berry says:

    When I was in College, BART was trying to make its way to SFO and further down the Pennisula. At the time I worked part-time in a Hardware Store in S.S.F. The Owner of the Hardware Store could not see the value of having BART come down the Pennisula, that is until a friend of his (a County Judge who working in Redwood City) reminded him that my Bosses entire commute to work took only about 5 minutes since his home was only about 0.5 miles away. The Judges commute was at least 20 miles one way from S.S.F. to Redwood City. The Judge would have loved to be able to hop on BART to go to work and back.

    As for me, I’ve had to go to LA on multiple occasions on business. I don’t mind flying, or when necessary driving. It would be nice to have a “FAST” alternate.