SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — In a nondescript Mission District apartment building, in a tiny room, lives a David who has taken on a Goliath.

Jonathon McIntosh didn’t use a slingshot. He used a computer, and took aim at one of America’s most controversial talk show hosts, Glenn Beck. And he ended up goosing him with a duck. Donald Duck.

A video mashup of Glenn Beck on the radio mixed with Donald Duck cartoons has gone viral. He worked three months on the project, sometimes 10 hours a day. So far, at the video has received at least half a million hits, among them Glenn Beck.

“It is some of the best, well made propaganda I have ever seen”, said Beck on Monday’s show. “But if I’m not mistaken, some of these re-mix videos get federal funding. We’re looking into the funding of this gentleman.”

McIntosh says he received no federal funding. No funding at all. In fact, he lost his job last month, which gave him time to work on the video.

In the video, Donald Duck loses his job and listens to the Beck radio show. The Depression-era cartoon and Beck’s musings pair well. Out of context, of course. Beck talks of Nazi’s and Communists taking over the country today and Donald Duck is fighting them back in the 1940s.

McIntosh thinks Beck’s politics are dangerous and likes how the new media landscape can allow one person to take on the powers at the top. “I like that I’m able to speak back at him, and that people are using re-mix, or Youtube, to talk back and there can be a larger voice for those of us who don’t have a big radio or TV station.”

McIntosh has made no money on the video, but said it would be nice to get a job out it.

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Comments (15)
  1. BC says:

    Mr. McIntosh should have spent those 10 hours a day, that he worked on his Glenn Beck attack, looking for a job. Oh yeah, I guess being on unemployment for an extended period makes it a lot easier than working for a living. Sure beats making an honest wage instead of being on the tax payers payroll. A product of the dumbed down American.

    1. Stephan says:

      What an ignorant comment to make. Have you ever been on unemployment ? It’s not a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination and being out of work through no fault of your own is demoralizing and debilitating

    2. WriterBabe says:

      You have no idea if McIntosh is on unemployment insurance or not. First random assumption that could easily be incorrect.

      Next: if he is or is not on unemployment insurance, that has no bearing on whether this artist produced a quality project.

      And finally, it is sad to me that you’d bother to make a comment on an article you clearly have not read carefully. It was only six paragraphs… wouldn’t have been difficult for you to read each of them. If you had, you’d note that he worked for three months on the project, and only lost his job last month. Meaning that the bulk of his effort on this remix was spent on his own personal time, after work and on weekends.

  2. steve says:

    OVER HALF A MILLION hits so far, and major publicity. You can bet he will have many job offers now.

  3. BC says:

    Steve, Why don’t you offer him a job with a starting salary of lets say $50K a year, equates, after the Obama tax hike in January, about $30K a year clear, enough money to pay his high monthly rent, about $15K a year, while living in San Francisco, leaving $15K to cover groceries, taxi or muni fares or possibly buy a new shiny bicycle, PGE, Phone, Internet, clothing, entertainment, booze or dope, and miscellaneous contributions to the local bums asking for your hard earned money. Hopefully some business owner will have room on his payroll to hire dear Mr. McIntosh. And to Stephan “NO”, I’ve never been on unemployment, because chance favors the prepared mind. Education goes a long ways and I have always had a strong work ethic since I was 11 years old when I got my first job delivering the Chronicle, on foot not by car, at 5AM seven days a week.

    1. Donald Duck says:

      WHAT?! You got a job delivering that left-wing filth?! You’re nothing but a no-gooder living off the fat of the left coast liberal elite, spreading commie propaganda just like the fellow in the video. Go work for Beck if you want us to take you seriously, Mr. Stalin!

  4. phoflex says:

    bc and beck are the laughing stock of the free world. No compassion. Only sees the world from their selfish little selves. You are so smart bc. hah. Everything is temporary and all your wealth and righteousness will be gone forever upon death. Deal with that. Any smart answers. Please don’t waste your time, because it doesn’t matter in the slightest.

  5. BC says:

    I quit….You win !!! Common sense a hard work ethic is gone in America. It’s now the land of the free hand outs..Mean while I’ll spend all my money and i won’t leave a dime of it for the free loaders. When it all implodes you’ll see. Good luck and Good by…

    1. Mike G. says:

      Sounds like you’re a Glen Beck wannabe, or maybe you carry a picture of him in your wallet. Take it for what it is. Humor BC Humor, have a laugh,it might just loosen you up a bit

  6. Michelle says:

    BC conveniently forgets that a) the “Obama tax hike” is just a rollback of Bush’s tax cut, which was scheduled to end at the end of this year anyway – by Bush (so it is a double non-Obama, if you will), and b) it will only affect only those making more than $250,000 a year….and even those making over that amount will only be taxed on the amount over that, so it truly isn’t much. So if this guy is only making $50K a year, he won’t be affected.

    As for spending 10 hours a day looking for a job…again…it said he spent “up to” 10 hours a day, AND if he is an artist, this is actually a very good way to spend his time…he has added to his reel, his book, and to have half a million hits on an editing project such as this looks darn good on the resume. He now has media coverage to add to that. Pretty smart move on all fronts. Despite that, even if he was an accountant, BC has failed to consider the possibility of a decent severance package or the fact that one can only send out so many resumes a day, network, etc. Unless BC is privy to information that we aren’t (any news on that planned takeover by the Chinese, B?), Mr. McIntosh could have only spent a few days working those 10 hours on the project, and the rest of the time just getting in 15 minutes here and there as he could fit it in. We just don’t know.

    As for work ethic….anyone who is able to put the time and creative effort required to complete a quality project has a fantastic work ethic. BC obviously has never attempted anything remotely like this to make that kind of comment. BC certainly does have time to return repeatedly to this article to answer comments…using his own criteria, what does that say of BC’s work ethic? Just sayin’.