SAN JOSE (KCBS) – The unusually warm September weather has more and more commuters taking their motorcycles to work.

And for commuters on Tuesday morning, that meant dealing with an unusual number of motorcycle accidents in the region.

Nearly a dozen accidents on Bay Area roadways on Tuesday morning involved motorcycles.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

CHP Sergeant Trent Cross said the nice weather tends to bring more motorcyclists out.

“The weather is nice. Instead of taking their vehicle, they would rather ride their motorcycle to work,” Cross said. “It’s just important that they do it in a safe manner and make sure to have on the proper safety gear while riding a motorcycle.”

One motorcyclist was killed early Tuesday morning on Highway 87 in San Jose. The CHP said he lost control of his bike, fell off and was struck by a car.

Chris Harden, a longtime motorcycle rider, said you have to be hyper-tuned into the road to be on a bike.

“If you have to swerve for a piece of lumber and there’s a car in the way, there’s a lot of factors,” he said. “You really have to be looking ahead. You’re not going for a ride.”

The CHP is also reminding commuters to look out for motorcycle riders who might be splitting the lanes, which is legal in California.

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Comments (11)
  1. paul says:

    There’s too many car drivers that don’t care too look out for motorcycles riders around them and when do finally hear them it’s too late and something bad takes place. Driver don’t understand that a motorcycle rider has less protection then they do and should be alert of them I ride and sometimes drivers will not allow me to pass or they will ride there brake and when I pass they will give me the California howdy which i find very disrespectful but what can you do! just keep moving and wish it was them on the bike so they can see what a jerk they are for acting like this with peoples lives on the line.

  2. Tasha Webster says:

    Yes splitting lanes is legal in California under 25miles not 60 miles like I have seen many motorcycle drivers doing. I look for motorcycles where they are suppose in their own lane on the freeway when I am traveling at 65 miles an hour not in between me and the other car. If they are somewhere that they should not be then they need to look out for me.

  3. Zack Debarco says:

    Lane splitting is legal when it is safe to do so. NOT AT 50 MPH like Tasha mentioned. Unfortunately it has been my experience that a greater number of motorcycle riders on the freeway resort to unsafe practices which put us all at risk.

  4. Etorrez says:

    I commute daily 36.5 miles each way to SF and I see a lot of bad drivers on the road daily. We all need to pay attention to each other on the road. I see cagers ( people in cars & trucks) drifting from side to side in the lane fusing for something in the car or if the phone is cradled between shoulder and ear they tend to stay close to the lane line that they leaning to. Yes some motorcyclist are just as bad and take unnecessary risks by splitting lanes at high speed (when not in heavy traffic) and or pulling stunts on public highways (just not smart). So neither cagers nor motorcyclist are perfect on the road however I think all people should be required to take some motorcycle training / simulation so that they will have a better understanding of the road and the people they share it with. As motorcyclist we understand the dangers of the road, cell phones, people putting on makeup, reading and the I’m bigger than you mentality of other drivers. So every time I hear cagers gripe about motorcyclist I just say to myself if you only spent a week on a bike I think you should shut your trap. I own a truck, car, and motorcycle and I still make mistakes on the road so shut up and drive, eyes forward, use your mirrors and plan ahead, drive your car as if every decision you make counts.

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