SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – President Barack Obama will visit San Francisco later this week, the White House announced Monday.

The visit is an overnight trip, according to the president’s tentative schedule. Air Force One is scheduled to arrive at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday afternoon and depart Friday morning.

Officials said Mr. Obama would be the headline speaker at fundraising events for the Democratic National Committee and San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, who is running for California Attorney General.

The president last visited the Bay Area in May of this year, when he appeared at a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in San Francisco and then toured a solar facility in Fremont.

In a CBS 5 KPIX-TV poll, conducted earlier this month by SurveyUSA, Obama’s job performance drew mixed results from Californians.

The poll found 49% disapproved of the job President Obama’s doing, while 45% approved. But the poll has a margin of error of 4.1%, making the results a statistical tie.

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Comments (19)
  1. Big G says:

    Instead of working all this guy does is travel at taxpayers expense campainging 24/7. He makes the last Presdient look conservative when it comes to spending & wasting taxpayers money 1.3 trillion dollar federal deficit & this is what he does, flying around wasting taxpayers money. Why does he need to campain for Harris anyway? Should follow his own advice & roll up his sleeves & get to work!!!

    1. what's going on says:

      Couldn’t have said it better.

    2. Just my opinion says:

      I, too, agree. Seems he’s never actually in Washington trying to work out the Country’s problems, he’s out vacationing, and promoting people. Work harder on our economy, safety homelessness and unemployment.

    3. GRJ says:

      Buck up son, maybe you blew your daddys money, and now you cant find work, that was your problem way before our new President took office. Buck up and stop sounding so pathetic. Your life can get better, get up in the morning, and stop your petty crying and take a job, any job.Quit putting the blame on other people.

  2. Kim says:

    Stay away, go fix the economy Stupid.

  3. s says:

    i get that they don’t want to tell exactly where he’ll be going for security reasons but at least tell us a general neighborhood so we know if our commute will be affected. last time he was here, they closed off powell st near the fairmont for hours and nobody could get through, even if you lived in the neighborhood! it was ridiculous.

  4. sfman says:

    No harris , no Newsom. thanks anyway

  5. Richard says:

    Sorry, but I won’t trust anything from CBS.

  6. MrTeamster says:

    Some folks hate Obama becuase he is black. Some becuase they can’t admit that it was the so called “free market” righties who pimped our great nation to communist China. But if you think that the 1/2 term gov. from Alaska is anything but a coward who ran out on her oath of office, you are a fool. This may be the last chance for America. It could be that if Obama fails our country fails.

  7. Jan says:

    Avoid the City on Thursday! The Washington Clown is in town…

  8. THC says:

    If you don’t like President Obama, haters, then don’t read news items about him. Where were you when Bush/Cheney was starting the mess we’re in?

  9. THC says:

    …and get real! It’s the campaign season this is what presidents do.

  10. Jeff says:

    We have a president and vice president that are making the wrong decisions consistently predictably every day. The wise are making money off there incompatance. It’s like betting on a baseball game knowing in advance the if the batter hits the ball he will run to third everytme. Millions are being made in Obama Biden Pelosi who at the expense of all republicans democrats tea party green yellow parties and the rest of the world. If wasn’t so serious it would make a great episode for the three stooges. Soros myself and others are waiting for the pie throwing.

  11. Jeff says:

    Running to third base in baseball will never score runs in baseball nor will the Obama bumblings and flat out assaults on the economic job makers decrease unemployment. Nor will adolescent spending increase you net worth.
    How about those sucker low interest loans. They could pay me interest to engage one of those loans with Obamacare you cannot make money investing in the loans. So business hangs on to it’s money lowers it’s expenses just to hang on and watches the pies fly.

  12. vickie says:

    what a stupid comment! i’m married to a baseball coach and running to 3rd base does score. where were all of you when bush ran this country into the turmoil it’s in now w/an unwanted war and unregulated banking policies and lack of border controls and jobs sent overseas. he’s gone; left the damage for the next administration to clean up and now all of you haters are coming of out the woodwork doing what you do best…complain. hate to see the mess you leave behind for your family and friends to clean up!

  13. fred says:

    typical half-witted response from a typical, conserva-nazi, asshat. you inbred morons will be only too happy when the repugs that got us into this mess, get put right back into office to do it all over again.

    sad part is, that by the time you all realize just exactly what you’ve given up for the dream of trickle down economic theory, it’ll be way past too late.

  14. MrTeamster2 says:

    MrTeamster: Clinton sold us out NAFTA???

  15. Jeff Golding says:

    Until Americans get their heads out of their rear ends and look at the big picture there’s no hope of any half intelligent man like Obama being able to drag this country out of its now third world staus.

    Europe, Russia and Asia are laughing at your lack of vision and self destruction.