SAN JOSE (BCN) — Three people were arrested in a public park in eastern San Jose on Sunday during a crackdown on an alleged gambling ring, a police spokesman said Monday.

Officers responded to Hillview Park at Adrian Way and Ocala Avenue around 5:10 p.m. to break up an alleged gambling operation there, Sgt. Ronnie Lopez said.

Residents near the park had often complained to police about the blatant, high-stakes gambling that was allegedly taking place there, Lopez said.

Upon entering the park, officers came upon a dice game. Most of the people cooperated with officers, but one man took off running toward a nearby neighborhood, Lopez said. Police pursued the man through the neighborhood, leaping over fences behind him.

Police blocked off several blocks near the park and called in a helicopter to track down the man who ran from the gambling bust, Lopez said. After about two hours of searching, he was found and arrested.

The man has been identified as Eduardo Gomez, 25, of San Jose, according to police Officer Jose Garcia.

He was booked into Santa Clara County jail on felony charges of evading an officer and misdemeanor illegal gambling. Gomez had a warrant for driving with a suspended license, which might have been the reason he was running from the officer, Garcia said.

One officer suffered a cut to his leg while hopping over one of the fences, Lopez said. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment of his injury, which was not life threatening, Lopez said.

Two of the other 30 people who were detained were also arrested. They have been identified as Gustavo Diaz, 19, of San Jose and Mario Esquivel, 40.

Both were arrested for felony possession of marijuana for sale.

Diaz was additionally arrested for a probation violation.

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Comments (15)
  1. Brandon says:

    Please save the helicopter for other public safety use. Ridiculous and misuse of Public asset by SJPD.

    1. Lou says:

      Get real!! If a suspect runs it COULD be because he is wanted for some thing like MURDER? You think?? The police do not know why he is running,,you call the chopper, dogs anything, because now you have an escalation of the situation. Look at what happened to the Fremont officer, they could have chased the suspect 1 block and it turns into a shootout. Since you people are so knowledgeable, I hope you also tell surgeons how to do their job. What is your answer? Let anyone go that runs? Hope they do that when something happens to you. Ohh, but that’s different, right?

      1. A. Andrade says:

        The Police will never call the chopper for something that happens TO me!

      2. Mark says:

        Cops have a G E D and a 7 week training course, you are damn right they need to be supervised. Willful children with expensive toys can’t stand to hear the word, “No “

  2. mitchell says:

    San Jose police complain about their budget issues and yet they have money for a HELECOPTER to bust a card game in the park?!? No way San Jose… time for SJPD budget cuts! Too much money and time on their hands.

  3. mitchell says:

    *Yes I saw it was a dice game… my point is that this does not warrant a helecopter by any stretch of the imagination. Time to cut SJPD budget.

  4. ab says:

    helicopter? really?

  5. Thomas says:

    You are so right!.. Helicopters should not be used. It’s not like San Jose PD catches murder suspects, known gang members, and other serious felons using the helicopter. A matter-of-fact lets cut the k-9s, unmarked cars, narcotic teams, detectives….the city already cut one of the most elite gang suppression teams in the country.

    Let’s talk about money… the majority of San Jose officers cannot live in the city they work in due to the high cost of living… most of the officers live in Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Watsonville… and are forced to commute the 20-40 minutes one way to work. After the 21% of retirement contributions… along with union dues, medical insurance deductibles, and various voluntary charitable donations, along with federal and state taxes are deducted… officers are left with 68% of their total bi-monthly check.

    The typical officer will not have ANY regular weekend days off for the first 5-7 years of their career. One last thing, the average officer who serves 30 years of service in California, will only live 5 years past his date of retirement. It is sad to see the lack of support for the men and women who routinely sacrifice their personal lives and health for the cities they protect.

  6. uncle tim says:

    breaking news ,,,,,,,,,,, another card game in willow steet park, moffet field sent 4 F18s and 75 officers were surounding the park , not only were they playing cards ,they were drinking too …….ice tea yes all persons were arrested and shot on the spot, good job san joses finest

  7. eastsider says:

    about time they threw them bums out of the park they were a nuassance and disruptive to the famalies who picnic and have parties for there children were the SJPD over zelous or should i say overkill possibly yes but about damn time!

  8. Alien Buster says:

    Should have called in ICE and deported the illegals. Since they have nothing better to do than play dice, they’re illegals and felons.

  9. richard says:

    Always question authority. Do not get caught in the march towards a Fabian (no, not the singer of the 60s) society.

  10. David (San Jose, CA) says:

    @ Mark

    Academys are typically 6 months, and significant portions of the graduating class are with existing Bachelor’s.

  11. Tony says:

    What the heck are the cops so excited and need a chopper to checked out a dice game! Didn’t our Mayor told us before that gambling breeds crime but he lied and just expanded the two evil casinos. If only they the Police had contact the Mayor before the bust he would have told them a little dice game aint going to hurt no one. Now we have an injured cop and thousands of taxpayers dollars wasted on our legalised gambling Sin City for nothing.