SAN JOSE (KCBS)_ An estimated 6,000 people stood in a line at Sacred Heart Community Service at Alma and 1st Streets in San Jose on Saturday. Many of them waited with their children in strollers in a line that was blocks long to register and receive holiday food boxes and toys.

Even as the stock market rebounds and company profits improve, poverty is still visible in Silicon Valley.

Poncho Guevara, executive director of Sacred Heart Community Services claimed to have never seen anything like Saturday morning’s crowds.

“We’ll see over 6,000 people coming through to register just for the opportunity to actually get a special holiday service this season,” said Guevara.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

He added some statistics that show the growth of poverty in Santa Clara County and how it’s gone up 10 percent and that 15 percent of children in his community are living in poverty.

“A lot of people are struggling and those numbers are right here at Sacred Heart,” said Guevara.

Among those in line included Laci Rothacker of San Jose who waited with her children.

“I’m out on worker’s comp right now. With my back injury, it’s really hard on our family,” said the mother. “Sometimes you might not be able to afford the stuff that we have, so we’re just thankful for everything we get and it helps.”

She hopes to have a nice holiday with her family and ensure Santa brings toys for her kids.

Sacred Heart is reaching out for financial, food and toy donations to be able to fill those holiday boxes.

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Comments (4)
  1. fakeblondie101 says:

    Struggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I move away from home to make ends meet but rents not cheap. Downsized remove my dentures I have had enough of these cry babies ask anyone of those people and c how many still have homes. Thats a lot more tha others have. About to lose mine. We are just about a our end of our rope

  2. Candy Barr says:

    The people who are waiting in those lines are people who more than likely shouldn’t have had children, anyway. I get sick of donating to people who don’t make any changes in their lives — just keep popping out babies. My money goes to the animals.

  3. Betty Boo says:

    Candy, you are so “RIGHT ON”, especially at this Sacred Heart Center in San Jose. 99% of the people there are ILLEGAL ALIENS with their broods of 10 kids. This only encourages them to think everything is free to them. I only help HOMELESS CATS, i know they are not illegal and they don’t have food shelters for them. And these centers need to stop giving these kids toys, they should just give them education materials or BIBLES, enough of the spoiling stuff.

    All my extra money goes to animals so I am happy to know there are others
    who believe in this cause.

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