SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / BCN) — An Antioch man was arrested Thursday morning after a standoff in which he stopped his SUV on the Bay Bridge and threatened to commit suicide, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Craig Carlos-Valentino, 51, stopped on the upper deck of the bridge west of Treasure Island about 7 a.m. and called KCBS Radio saying he was on the bridge with his daughter and had explosives and a gun, CHP Sgt. Trent Cross said.

After hanging up with KCBS, Carlos-Valentino called 911 and told emergency dispatchers the same thing, Cross said.

CHP officers responded and blocked off traffic. At that point, Carlos-Valentino got out of the car, brandished a handgun and pointed it in the air, then got back into the vehicle, Cross said.

He then took the handgun and tossed off the bridge and into the water below. Minutes later, his 16-year-old daughter ran from the car and was taken safely into custody by authorities.

“He told her to leave and that he loved her,” Cross said.

Carlos-Valentino’s daughter was uninjured, but was “a little shaken up,” he said.

She told authorities her father had asked her to join him for breakfast Thursday morning and said he was “acting a little out of character,” according to Cross. Instead of taking her to breakfast, he drove her to the bridge.

“She had no idea he was going to do what he did,” Cross said. “He’s normally laid-back, very kind, very gentle.”

After letting his daughter leave, Carlos-Valentino then got out of the car again and started talking to authorities about marital problems. He appeared “very agitated, upset and angry,” and said his wife of more than 20 years was having an affair, Cross said.

He started calling family members on a cell phone, and discussed committing suicide “to be with his mother and brother,” Cross said.

He climbed over the rail on the side of the bridge, but the San Francisco police negotiating team convinced him to step away from the ledge and took him into custody around 8 a.m., Cross said.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose reports the suspect was remorseful:

The SUV was checked for explosives and was deemed safe, although a replica handgun, which may shoot pellets, was found in the car, Cross said. Investigators believe it is similar to the one thrown into the water.

Westbound traffic, which was lighter than usual due to the Veterans Day holiday, was stopped on the bridge at Treasure Island, and cars were turned around at the toll plaza until the scene was cleared around 9 a.m.

The lower deck of the Bay Bridge remained open throughout the standoff. Although the initial report was that Carlos-Valentino wanted to blow up the bridge, investigators later learned he had “only wanted to blow up his vehicle, not the bridge,” Cross said.

“We didn’t have any credible information that the lower deck was threatened,” Cross said.

Some motorists were trapped on the bridge for more than an hour during the standoff. At least one car died and had to be restarted with jumper cables.

Drivers got out of their cars and walked around, some wandering to the edge of the bridge to check out the new eastern span that is under construction.

Although traffic was snarled, Cross said things could have been worse.

“No one was killed, and no one was injured. That’s a success for us,” he said.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Spoke to some commuters on the bridge:

Carlos-Valentino was arrested on suspicion of felony criminal threats, felony endangerment and brandishing a firearm, and will be booked into San Francisco County Jail, Cross said.

Following the arrest, Antioch police did a welfare check at the family’s home to see if anyone had been harmed there. They contacted the mother, who was uninjured. An emergency protective order has been issued for Carlos-Valentino to stay away from the mother and daughter, Cross said.
Investigators were interviewing the mother and daughter this morning, Cross said. He said there are other siblings in the family, but did not know how many.

Carlos-Valentino, who said he used to work for the American Red Cross (although the Red Cross claims he was only a volunteer and not an employee) currently works as a security guard.

He apologized to authorities for causing the scene at the bridge.

“He’s extremely remorseful,” Cross said. “He feels bad he inconvenienced everyone this morning.”

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  1. Beverley says:

    Sort of dumb letting traffic go on the lower level, a bomb is a bomb.

    1. Pastor Bill says:

      I agree, as I watched this morning I thought holly cow if there is any chance of a bomb, Why did the CHP not stop traffic below. And why did they not get every person out of their cars and walking off the bridge, upper and lower level. A S.U.V. isnt much bigger than what that ass used in oaklahoma, and look what that did to that building with all of those poor people in it. As Gods will it would be , it would have been a terrible thing to happen. So why did the CHP put all those people liives at risk? Or why did the news report some thing like that if it wasn’t truie? Questions that should be answered by our local police and media!!!
      Pastor Bill

  2. Copper Ty says:

    Just be thankful for those of us that are not on the Bay Bridge, that we are not stuck in what’s going to turn into 4 hour traffic. How many people do you think are going to lose their jobs today because they missed a delivery, a meeting, a lunch etc.?

    See these authorities who shut the bridge down only see through a gray scale, they don’t actually think about the consequences of their actions.

    Sad is the only word I can describe for both the guy with marital problems and the fact that he’s probably going to get about 50 to life for this crime, so technically his marriage his over anyway and SAD for our government for not really caring about us civilians and our lives.

    Sure they care enough to stop traffic and keep us all in the dark while our jobs go to hell but hey, their just “doing their jobs” right?

    1. dave says:

      How would you have handled the situation?

      1. Copper Ty says:

        Definitely would have stopped traffic and then had a crew of officers go back about 500 yards and block the streets off and then one by one cleared a path so people could turn around and make their way onto Treasure Island and then get back onto the lower deck. That’s how I would have handled it…crazy maybe I should be an adviser to these halfwits.

      2. Skunky says:

        One word: Push.

    2. Fred Flintstone says:

      Copper Ty, You are one true idiot if you think people will lose their job because of this. Want to buy a bridge??

      1. Sam Mallory says:

        how is he an idiot. You seem like a name calling awesome bunch of fun. Sorry the reality is if there is a bomb scare on a tourist bridge they shut it all down. Now what?

    3. JoeBloggs says:

      @Copper Ty: what a bunch of rambling BS. You’re criticizing the authorities for shutting the bridge down when there’s a guy on it who says he has explosives?? You’ve got a bizarre set of priorities . . . .

      1. Copper Ty says:

        How is that bizarre? First off, again, he doesn’t have explosives, and if he does they aren’t armed. Look at his disposition. He’s upset about his wife. He wants attention. He calls a radio station to get that attention. They call the cops. Now the cops stop the bridge which is good because they are protecting us, but by keeping us in the dark and failing to provide us with a way to carry on or bypass the upper deck altogether, is the reason why our authorities aren’t really authorities at all.

    4. Katie says:

      Yeah, damn the people who kept every one safe. And by all means, lets worry about those who might miss a lunch date or a meeting, and lets go ahead and let the bridge blow up killing hundreds of thousands.

      You are one of those people who just complains to complain. If there was a bomb and they DIDNT shut the bridge down, you’re the person who would find a reason to slam them for NOT doing anything.

      You’re never satisfied and you thrive off of arguing and being ignorant.

      So yes, take time out of your day to post a comment that slams the people who risk their lives every day to protect unnappreciative &^$^# like yourself.

      And FYI – If you could listen to talk radio or even your average morning show, they all covered the story, the news covered it with live video…you’re just oblivious to the world around you.

      1. Kevin Liu says:

        if the guy really had a bomb then they would have closed down the lower deck as well. law enforcement just wanted to give the guy some breathing room to talk him down.

      2. KP says:

        Katie – Ditto, I was right in the thick of things on the bridge this morning. What you said, I could not have said it better! I did find something disturbing though. That was people getting out of their cars and walking up closer to the scene of action. What if there had been explosives, or if the man decided to shoot a few rouunds off into the crowd before he could be apprehended? These people would have been putting themselves directly in the line of fire instead of trying to take cover. I was about 7 cars back from the front line and was scared to death.

    5. mpigeon says:

      Copper you are an idiot. The authorities are doing what they can to prevent any loss of life. No one will lose their job because of this, except the idiot holding up everyone on the bridge.
      The SFPD should be respected for doing what they are doing….trying to protect the public.

    6. Sanity says:

      EVERYONE! Stop letting Copper Ty troll you and get you all riled up. Take a deep breath and go about your day.

      By the way, Happy Veterans’ Day.

  3. David Reyna says:

    He does not have a bomb. I will bet his life on it. he is just a freak who want to control something. No wonder his wife is leaving. Jump or don’t. but get off the bridge one way or another.” GUY JUST WANTS ATTENTION HIS WIFE DEPRIVED HIM..

  4. Doug says:

    @Cooper .. If he did have a bomb and you were next to the SUV when it went off .. your job would be the least of your worries.

    1. Copper Ty says:

      Now thats the best response to my rant that I’ve heard thus far! You’re absolutely right Dong/

  5. dave says:

    Hey cooper,If they didn’t stop traffic,and he did have a bomb and blew innocent people up then you would be criticizing them for that.

    1. Copper Ty says:

      Dave, that’s not true. Now listen, I think you’re taking this too far. Clearly they stopped traffic a comfortable distance from innocent people. A guy who sits on the railing talking on his cell phone doesn’t have anything worth crying over, maybe he’s armed but that can be diffused rather quickly. So get it out of your head the what if’s and the what could be’s. Let’s focus on the reality here. It’s a tragic end to a guy’s marriage and his life for that matter that he pulled this stunt which is only going to end in a family of ruin, 50 years in prison and about 25 people out of a job.

      1. Katie says:

        So blame the A-Hole who had the “explosives and weapons” not the cops protecting innocent people.

      2. MOMMAHURLEY says:

        Copper Ty and David Reyna…

        You speak as if you know…but the truth is, you don’t know…they didn’t know…they did the right thing. There’s nothing else they could have done. You can’t shoot a guy with a sniper, becuase we havie something called LAWS in this country, and a CONSTITUTION…

        Nobody will lose their job…they will have a wasted half a morning at work, or they are late to school, or they are annoyed as heck, and the person they need to be annoyed with is this obviously sick individual, who takes his daughter with him? Unbelievable, that you would hear about this and the first party you want to find fault with and blame, are the officials who dealt with it, contrained it, and resolved it without a single lost life or injury?


      3. Smiles says:

        Copper, You need some therapy. HAPPY VETERANS DAY!!

  6. Leon Foonman says:

    Maybe we can blame it on his wife? Let him go and punish her for causing us to lose our jobs…

    But good Union People won’t worry, because most of them have the day off, and if they are working today, won’t be in trouble, thanks to a collective bargaining agreement.

    1. Copper Ty says:

      YES! Haha, that’s the mentality Leon. Finally someone with common sense who backs my argument. I’m not defacing or challenging the authorities for protecting us and keeping us safe from threats. I am only saying that by providing us with a way out they actually harm us while trying to diffuse a single element. And let me ask you this, who do you think runs the Union? I’ll let you guess it starts with a G!

      1. Lance says:

        Copper, What is the problem?? The crazy guy SAID he had explosive and the authorities followed protocol. They then were able to arrest him and searched his car and found no explosive. The lanes re-opened and everyone moved along. Do you work in a little cubicle all day? You need to get out more and understand the laws and how they work. You come across as such a moron.



  8. CLR says:

    Copper….Who do you work for, Hitler? This is a pretty legit reason for missing a lunch meeting…Find a new job

  9. Jerry Kirkpatrick says:

    @Beverly.. Good Point

  10. D says:

    You’re a flippin’ idiot, Copper Ty.

  11. dave says:

    The subject was ,how the situation was handled.Who’s to say what he has and what the value of that is.He is not the point.The bystanders were the point.The only thing they didn’t handle correctly in my opinion is in regard to traffic on the lower deck.

    1. D says:

      Thank you for stating it simply, Dave.

  12. Bin Laden says:

    DAMNIT!!! I got fired. I was supposed to strap the bomb to his car but I got high and forgot…

    1. Benicia Babe says:


  13. Genius IQ says:

    Hey Copper- I hear the guy was a bridge builder and he’s trying to show the Bay Area why we need another bridge…

  14. mscott says:

    just shoot the A-hole and move on with our day.

  15. AnaH says:

    If the guy did have a bomb and the cops wanted to protect the people on the bridge they would make the people get off the bridge…what if he did have one the bomb goes on and all die? so how did the cops protect the people? they know there is no bomb they just like the action and controlling the situation because that is their job wanting to take control. so that is not protecting bomb goes on all dead……???

  16. Donna says:

    Copper… stop wasting time on the internet and get back to work. I wouldn’t want you to get fired from your job for wasting company time….

  17. Ed says:

    If you lose your job over a bridge closure due to police activities, then you need a new job anyway. Use the time that you are stuck on the bridge to go job search. It’s obvious that your career is going nowhere.

    Cooper. You can’t seem to set the priority straight between public safety and your job. Maybe you will benefit by looking for a new job even though you are not stuck on the bridge.

  18. karenO says:

    I am so saddened by the comments stating this man should jump or they should have shot him. Listening to some of the candidates who ran for office this election and reading some of the comments about this story, I wonder what kind of country we are turning into.
    We seem to be losing all sense of compassion. Everyone reacts to sudden crises in their lives differently. People don’t do things like this to inconvenience others. They are not even thinking about someone losing their job, which I’ll bet didn’t happen. They are feeling their own pain and are desperate. And believe me, all you judgemental people, the pain is real.
    I hope this man gets the help he needs.

    1. Shimmy says:

      karenO, you need therapy. How dare you downplay a possibly dangerous situation. You have no idea what this Psycho was going to do. He should of gone to a mental institute if he was really in such crisis. Why pull other people into your crisis? A sniper should of shot him or someone should of pushed him off the bridge. Now there’s an end to his pain as you call it.

  19. lord says:

    from what i see the vehicle was a government vehicle with one of our trusted gov’t employees endangering the life of his own child and countless numbers of others, selfish and scorn by a woman. history repeats itself

  20. Marie says:

    @Copper I was one of the civilians on the bridge, in fact about 30 some cars behind the SUV and the cops…I as well as thousands of us on the bridge am sure called in to our works and explained the sitauation but of course employers already knew due to live coverage…Who in there right mind would lose there jobs due to this ordeal?? And I can speak for myselfe right now and say my job was the last thing i was worried about..The man in fact had a pipe bomb and i was thinking of my life and just wanting to see my kids and husband one more day! The CHP and the rest of the emergency crew kept us informed and did the best they could. Stop complainin of things u dont even know is going on and just be happy u were not one of those pple on the bridge, like me and thousands others.

  21. Luis V says:

    I am a new comer to the SF area, and I hadn’t realized until this morning how many imbeciles inhabit this wonderful place. Most of the comments I have read on this incident are absolutely idiotic. “..the guy didn’t have any explosives….. How in the world did you know? We should have sent you to investigate and I wish he had to see you blowing up to pieces. “people are going to lose their jobs…” Why? Because some idiot decided to cause total chaos? My only complaint is that the police should have also closed the Oakland bound lower part of the bridge. By the way, I’d rather suffer being stuck in a traffic jam than being killed by a maniac.

    1. Nat says:

      thank you for bringing a little bit of common sense to this panel. Very much needed.

  22. Jae Pea says:

    The sad thing really is having to put his daughter in all this mess. How will she be growing up now and she’s already 16. She sat in this whole mess, whether or not there were explosives, her own father would have still put her in there. What if he got into an accident and the explosvies went off killing himself and her and she didn’t do anything at all. It’s a good thing they stopped traffic but letting the bottom still drive through…dumb idea.

  23. GREG says:

    Luis – As a native of San Francisco may I take the time to welcome you to one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Yes, we have some quirky folks but no more or less than any place else. So get used to traffic and the threat of earthquakes….we are compensated by the natural beauty of the Bay Area and progressive life-style….friendly and open-minded people. WELCOME!!!!!!

    1. noneya says:

      Greg, You are obviously from somewhere else. SF is NOT a beautiful place. Homeless are EVERYWHERE. There are drug dealers on every corner. All the criminals and illegals go to SF because it is a safe haven city. The whole stinkin city smells like pee and the greaseball mayor is supporting all of this. I have known so many people that visited SF and all felt cheated because it was not a good place to visit.

      1. Nat says:

        Noneya, I guess that you live in the Tendeloin, but you should go for a walk because my neighborhood is not as you described it. One last question: Does anyone have any doubts about the fact that this person is a complete racist? We, the people of San Francisco, don’t mind the homeless as much as we do people like you. So, if you don’t like it, please, we won’t stop you. You can leave the same way you came: Freely.

  24. Maci says:

    This Psycho evil person should get the death penalty. Should of thrown him off the bridge and let him die as we wanted to. I hope the little girl is okay.

  25. Greg says:

    noneya –

    Time for you to move. Just google it…..SF is one of the most visited cities in the world. Time for you to move on. Good luck…..

    1. noneya says:

      People are only visiting for the shopping. Thank you very much

      1. Nat says:

        exactly, in a recession that is what people do. GO to another city just to go shopping. give me a break.

  26. Greg says:


    LOL… are the top 5 reasons people visit San Francisc

    1) Atmosphere & Ambiance
    2) Restaurants
    3) Scenic Beauty
    4) Diversity
    5) Weather

  27. John Diles says:

    Excellent reporting this morning by KCBS. I did have to laugh, though, when someone called him a ‘suspect’ right at the end of the standoff. Suspect?

  28. CHUCK H says:


    1. Nat says:

      I could not agree more with you Chuck, men are the only animals that make the same mistake twice. Women are smarter and they get together with another idiot who will pay the bills and keep them happy. 🙂

  29. Dave says:

    He was trying to say something, there may be more to this story. Somebody go find out and put it on Utube.

  30. Dave says:

    There are increasing number of “crazy” people, some may have been forced into such situation.

    How do you know if COPs for hire didn’t take advantage of the lack of
    oversight on their special programs.

    C-Span coverage on Congressional committee discussion on lack of oversight.

    COINTELPRO Undermined Basic American Rights


    Ex-FBI Agent Sentenced to Probation in Pellicano Case


    Officer Allegedly Snooped in Database

    Former Private Eye Engaged in Widespread Wiretapping Activities and Trafficking
    in Data Illegally Taken from Law Enforcement Databases

    Fired Wal-Mart exec claims ‘smear campaign’

  31. ShutUp says:

    Does anyone know why Carlos-Valentino wore black pant? He wanted to make his hips look slimmer on the way down.

  32. Diana C says:

    For being a mother of two little ones trying to make it across the bridge for work and babysitter, I really did not appreaciate Mr. Valentino’s unusual way of overcoming personal problems..Please like we all don’t have issues. Next time, stay home and don’t try to make it in the local news…We hard working commuters will appreaciate it 🙂 !!!

  33. Andy Chan says:

    This man may have stopped traffic this morning, and it may have seemed that he was a terrorist, but if you bother to read this story, you’ll learn that he had a completely different story. His wife of 20 years had an affair, and he was unhappy with the way that his life was going. He didn’t mean to hold up Bay Bridge traffic for nearly 2 hours and get attention, but he wanted to stop suffering. He loved his 16-year-old daughter, and didn’t want her to see him potentially commit suicide. He wasn’t actually armed, but he had a fake gun. Some people just have different approaches to solve their problems.

  34. Victor says:

    That man is crazy. The Bay Bridge is currently under construction and he wants to commit suicide by blowing up his car from the inside with his daughter? Ridiculous. That could also destroy part of the Bay Bridge. He needs to seek medical help and go to Mountain Vista Farm.

    1. Victor says:

      If that guy’s wife had an affair with another man, I blame her for pulling his husband’s leg. Figure of speech.

      1. Victor says:

        Grammar error. It’s “her,” not “his”, because the suspect’s wife is a woman.