NEW YORK (CBS) – Over the past two years, “Glee” has gone gaga over guest stars. The show has featured screen legends, Broadway stars and even a Pop princess. Celebrities are climbing over each other to join the “Glee” cast. Even Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow signed on for an episode. (Leaked video below!) In celebration of all amazing visitors to McKinley High, we present the 5 Greatest “Glee” Guest Stars.

Before we dive into the wonder that is the world of “Glee” guest stars. Check out a sneak peak of Gwynnie’s performance. She seems to own a very PG version of Cee Lo’s “F– You.” Do you think she could make the Top 5 Greatest “Glee” Guest Stars?

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1) Neil Patrick Harris – The Actor Formerly Known As Doogie can do no wrong as far as we’re concerned. As a school board auditor who always bested Will – in school and in life – Harris struck the right note between camp and realism. And it doesn’t hurt that he really can sing, too.

2) Britney Spears – So, she might not be believable as a high school student, the Britney Spears themed episode was one of the highest rated yet.

3) Kristin Chenoweth – Her storyline, as a high school crush of Will’s that pretty much failed at life, left a lot to be desired. But there’s no questioning Cheno’s voice…

4) Olivia Newton-John – In a role that could barely even be classified as a cameo, Newton-John gave “Glee” some of its funniest scenes of the year … though that’s easy to do when operating against the brilliant Jane Lynch.

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5) Josh Stamos – John Stamos is not only the sexiest dentist you’ll ever meet, but also one of the few men to loosen up tightly wound Emma Pilsbury. Plus, the guy plays fast and loose with anesthesia. Hot!

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