OAKLAND (AP) – BART says there aren’t enough Clipper smart-card transit cheats to warrant card changes.

The CBS 5 reported last week that a number of riders have been misusing Clipper cards, but officials decided Thursday that the number of cheaters hasn’t risen to a level that makes changes to the card necessary. Up to 200 commuters may be cheating the system each day.

Bay Area Rapid Transit and Metropolitan Transportation Commission officials are monitoring the problem and will make changes if abuse becomes widespread.

By March, all BART stations will have Clipper vending machines, which allow customers to use cash or credit cards to add value to them.

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Comments (5)
  1. Bwuh says:

    With BART looking into more options as far as obtaining revenue (recently proposing new advertising ventures, etc.), I am shocked that they’re turning the other cheek with this Clipper Card problem. Regardless if it is two, 200 or 2000 cheaters, we’re in an era where every penny counts. We can all thank Stanley Roberts for breaking this story!

  2. fred thompson says:

    Not only that, but the cheaters are making the rest of us pay.
    iIf this were a real business, this would not be allowed to happen.
    One more BRILLIANT move by government.

  3. skysky7002 says:

    Both the Clippercard and Fastrak let user go negative as a courtesy rather than cause a huge jam and inconvenience at the gates.

    99% of the commuters go online and replenish the balance on their card or pass, so what’s the big deal, where’s the news?

    If you don’t plan on paying the negative balance, you have to toss the card. I hardly envision hoards of commuters applying for new clipper cards daily so they can go negative for one 1-way ride.

    1. Erik says:

      You don’t have to apply for another card each time, you just have to go put another $2 into one of the card dispensing machines and get a disposable card to use for your >$2 trip..