LOS GATOS (BCN) — Officers have arrested three teenagers on suspicion of vandalizing several Los Gatos cars and causing thousands of dollars in damage last week.

On Nov. 23, a resident spotted two cars full of juveniles and young adults pulled over in a neighborhood around 9 p.m., police said.

Shortly after 9 p.m., the group allegedly threw eggs at cars near the intersection of Pollard Road and More Avenue, police said. The vandalizing escalated into several suspects smashing car windows, keying paint, and shattering residential landscape lights.

In all, the group committed more than 15 acts of vandalism and damaged more than $1,000 in property, police said.

Officers were able to quickly track down the suspects thanks to the resident’s initial report, police said.

The resident didn’t witness the crimes but made note of the two suspicious-looking cars.

“This is another outstanding example of community members willing to become involved by reporting something they feel is out of the ordinary for their neighborhood,” Los Gatos police Chief Scott Seaman said in a statement.

Campbell resident Eric Pecher; Morgan Castor-Thomas, of San Jose; and Robert Bergschneider, of Santa Clara, were arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism. All three men are 18 years old.

Police also cited three 17-year-olds and released them to their parents. A fourth 17-year-old has been identified but not located.

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Comments (11)
  1. davey says:

    Since Harris is the attorney general we are safe now.

  2. Jack says:

    Lock ’em up, and sue the hell out of their parents and them. That is the product of bad parenting!

    1. Anonymous. says:

      You have no idea who these kids are or what their homes lives are like or how their parents raised them. Some of these kids have NEVER done a thing in their life and really regret what happened…

      1. Bob says:

        By the way I do know who these kids (as you call them) are. Why don’t you post what restitution they’ve made, if that’s the case, then maybe we’ll all feel a little better, and not think so badly of them. Never….has been canceled out, because now they’ve done something that have hurt other people. Until then, they’re a bunch of thugs that have no respect for other peoples property.

  3. Bob says:

    High five to the community watch. Now prosecute them and their parents.

  4. Logic says:

    Dear Jack and Bob,

    I am sure you are the epitome of righteousness, you have done everything to maintain a high level of goodness your whole life. For this reason, you have rightfully given yourself the God given right of judging other’s actions.


    Now, let’s talk about something more accurate (well, besides the part where you think you deserve some sort of divine right). You have no idea what has gone on during all of this issue, you don’t know the background or how things led into anything. In fact, you have no idea of anything at all. You are saying that these “adults” (consider there is no physical, psychological, physiological, or neurological difference between being 17 years and 360 days old to 18 years and 2 days old) should be locked up. Does it really make sense, in any logical way, to lock them up instead of finding other ways (such as meditation or arbitration, if they are found guilty that is) of punishing them? I can find many of them that don’t require this wasteful use of space that can be given to someone who commits one of the hundreds of worst things there are.

    Now, I really want to touch on the most upsetting and idiotic comment I have read in my life. “Bad parenting”? “Sue the hell out of their parents…”? First of all, they are over 18, so technically, it is their choice to do as they want. Parenting has nothing to do with this. If you still want to make it about parenting, you sure the parents are bad? You sure they condone bad actions? Do not put it in their parents as if there were guilty. Also, suing the parents doesn’t make sense considering I didn’t read that they did anything. So stop saying absolutely idiotic stuff.

    I am sure you will be rewarded by the divide for your rightfulness and purity.


    Someone with a sense of logic

  5. Bob says:

    Wow Logic, did you look all of those big words up? This is real simple, and you’re the great emancipator, flamboyant, and all around great swami. The one’s that are eighteen should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, they’re old enough to know better. The younger one gets a free ride, with a plea, that’s the way it works. We do not know they are living at home, but lets assume they are. The parents will not have much clout, except to speak on behalf of their sons. The justice system will do the rest. These men, or I guess as you call them “children”, did not do one isolated crime. They did multiple ones. A judge will take into consideration their records, and how they have lived so far, and will pass on mans law to them. Yes Logic, your right about the parenting issue where they didn’t do anything. Perhaps that’s the problem, with their “children”. I really think there are some victims, of their rampage, which you seem not to elude to, or completely forget to talk about, So from the two comments that were one sentence of behalf of some kind of justice, it took you three paragraphs, to say absolutely nothing. Bob, a different Bob.

    1. Anonymous. says:

      They arent getting a free ride…I can assure you of that.

      – Anonymous…same Anonymous.

      1. Bob says:

        And you know that how? Are you Logic, the great swami? If you are then you still have said nothing. If it was your car that was ripped off, I’m sure you would have something to say worthwhile. But until then, just stay anonymous.

      2. Nickolas Robinson says:

        I agree with Bob.

  6. Nickolas Robinson says:

    Peace loving “leave them be!” hippies who talk about all this BS of just giving criminals a “slap-on-the-wrist.”
    You would be singing a different tune if you were the victim.
    Mind you, most of these kinds of crime never go punished. Most criminals like this get away with it. That means you are SOL and coming out of your own pocket for your losses caused by them.
    I had my car stolen and stripped. Had to take a taxi to the police station the next day, payed them $100. for a letter of release for my car that was found in Oakland. Couldn’t get my car out of the tow yard until I got another letter of release from Oakland police for $230. Went back and to get out my stripped car, it would have been $350.00 or I could sign over the remaining car to them. Which I had to.
    I was victimized by everyone while being a victim of crime.
    So F%$# you and your “slap-on-the-wrist” philosophy Anonymous! I am Jack and not anonymous!
    Jump off a frigging bridge and do the world a favor.